Trip to "grosser Krottenkopf" OE/TI-157

Hi everybody,

the trip to TI-157 last Wednesday, July 22nd., was very nice indeed. Despite a few raindrops around noon the weather had been nice and warm all day. I started in the village of Bach (Lech valley) at 05.00 local time in the morning and after about 2 hours I ran into this impressive view of the Allgäu Main Ridge: Error 404 - Page Cannot Be Found

I reached TI-157 summit at 09.30 and left again about one hour later with 47 QSO in the log. Half way back I took a short refreshment and had just opened the bottle when I noticed some kind of movement on the ground. I kept as quiet as possible and to my pleasure a small head appeared out from a hole less than 2 meters away. I slowly put down the bottle and turned around to fetch my camera out of the rucksack. When I turned back to the hole, the head was gone. I switched on the camera, focused the hole and didn’t have to wait too long, when first the head, then the whole body appeared again:

an alpine Marmot (Marmota marmota), obviously a “growing lad”, which to my disappointment disappeared again as soon as the shutter noise had faded, I guess I was lucky enough to be able to take this single picture. I waited for another 5 minutes but the marmot wouldn’t show up again.

I decided to not wait any longer but to proceed towards TI-368, the second (and last) summit for the day. TI-368, the Jöchlspitz is a typical Allgäu grass summit with a very rich flora at its flanks, the activation brought in another 29 QSO. There is a nature trail with all kind of alpine flowers on which you can walk along, which I did while descending back to the car. I saw a beautiful exemplar of a Turk’s-cap lily (Lilium martagon) there: Error 404 - Page Cannot Be Found

I reached the car at 16.30 in the afternoon, exactly 11.5 hours after I had started - quite tired but at one with the world.

73 Bernhard DL4CW

Hi Bernhard
Thanks for the two new summits and the excellent photos

See you from the next SOTA

Graham G3OHC