Trip to GM - advanced warning

Hi All

In an attempt to break their record for finding me jobs with greatest travel distance from home, my employer has taken on a project in Edinburgh. As a result I will probably be in GM 29th May to 1st June, and will try to get a few hills done as and when. Will try to do a few evening ones, but may pop up any time of the day. Hoping a few of you will be about to catch me! Will try to post details as they become clearer.

Guess I’d better get the HF kit sorted…

73 de Paul G4MD

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Ask if you want any tips/advice/company on the hills local to Edinburgh.


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Hi Andy,

Many thanks for the kind offer, local info and a friendly face is always very welcome when far from home!

Not certain of the exact itinerary for this trip, will most likely be based further north this time but will be sure to make contact when I’m in the Edinburgh area.

73 de Paul G4MD

All packed and ready to go, but have been watching the weather forecasts and reports of terrible band condx. with growing dismay…

HF is sorted now, albeit with only 5W from the '817, so can use any band 80 - 10, and am taking an assortment of aerials. Also 2m with a SOTAbeam.

I will generally start each activation on 60m, unless it is obvious from local conditions that it would be fruitless in which case I will use whichever band seems to give the best chance of contacts. In desperation I will even go to 7032+/- or 30m on the key rather than fail to qualify a summit, but please bear in mind I am “CW dyslexic” when it comes to receiving and contacts may be a slow struggle, for which I apologise in advance.

A great many variables will govern what summits are done when, I will try and announce plans for forthcoming activations as they are developed, depending on what is possible. First (tentative) two are on the Alerts.

Looking forward to working as many of you as possible,

73 de G4MD