Trip to 9H with CW only TRX

From 15th to 22nd September I will visit Malta 9H.
I plan to do an activation of 9H/MA-001 and possible also 9H/GO-001.
I won’t be taking my FT-817 with me and the transceiver I’m taking with me is will be SW-3B. So CW only transceiver able to work on 40/30/20. Antenna linked endfed 40/30/20.
As I’m very new to CW I will work QRS (13WPM) so if you hear me please don’t call at 30 WPM.
Call will be 9H/OO4M

73 de Nicolas ON4MGY / OO4M


Have a good trip Nicolas. I think its a good move to travel light and take the SW-3B, with only two summits available that seems the right thing to do. I hope to go to Malta/Gozo myself one day and if I did I would just take my HB-1B and also travel light.

Having said that, my XYL and I are on a downer with EU air travel at the moment, due to the delays on recent flights from Manchester to Munich, when our main suitcase was lost by Lufthansa. It is now two weeks from when the 20 kgs case was lost and we still haven’t got it back. If another week goes without it we can claim back for the loss of clothing, jewellery and the spectacles that were in it. Most of the clothing was my XYLs, although I lost 4 shirts, 4 tee shirts, fleece, trunks, hankies, toiletries, underpants and socks. We have got an inventory loss list, which includes the September RSGB RadCom and The New European Newspaper from 24/08/2023!

Best wishes for plenty of QSOs from 9H, I hope to work you and will of course QRS. I haven’t worked you yet from a summit or from home.

73 Phil G4OBK


Thank you Phil.

Sorry to hear about the loss of your suitcase.
I am new to SOTA and only activated 3 summits till now. East Flanders isn’t a great region for SOTA activators hi
I’ve been doing over 140 portable HF activations (all QRP) in one year but just to little SOTA.

Best 73 de ON4MGY Nicolas


Yes Nicolas has experience with fieldwork in QRP at work here during the BMA-Contest 2022, I hope to hear you tightly from 9H succes.
GDL 73 Donald ON7QR


Hi Nicolas, I activate Malta and Gozo a few years ago.
Malta 001 is at the side of the road, Gozo 001 is just North of the artizan village, the ascent is through a field of gorse bushes. Summit is a bit small, I used a 20m GP.
Have fun.


Hi Nicolas,
It’s good to plan for an activation in a foreign country!
I did MA-001 and enjoyed it and the island.

I believe that Malta is a CEPT country according to TR61/01.
Nevertheless, when I visited Malta, some years ago, I asked the government for a temporary visitors licence to operate the radio there.

Full details are in this web site (MARL, Maltese amateur radio association) :

There is a link in the main page entitled " Obtaining a Visitor’s Licence".

I think I filled the application form, submitted by email and got my visitor licence for free in a few days.

Anyway, I guess you’re right if you prefer operating with 9H/OO4M

I hope to chase you. Good luck and enjoy your expedition.

73 Ignacio


I may be stating what you already know Nicolas.

Ingnacio is correct that Malta is a CEPT country. In the past Malta additionally required foreign Amateurs to obtain a Malta Licence. My call was 9H3DS. Initially there was a cost, latterly free.

For the past 3 years this Maltese licence requirement has been withdrawn, the callsign to use for Full licence holders being 9H/OO4M. A Maltese licence is now only required for a stay that exceeds the CEPT criteria. I much preferred my 9H3 call!

I suggest it is still worth getting a copy of the Maltese licence conditions to avoid infringements.



Enjoy Malta.

Both summits are easy and you should get plenty of contacts with the 9H call!
You can get to 9H/GO-001 from the ferry terminal by bus if you want:
Get any bus to Victoria (I think the 301 or 323 are faster), then change onto the 312 (or 311?) bus to Gharb, then it’s a short walk past the craft village, turn left onto Triq ir Rokon then turn left onto the farm track and follow the route on sotamaps. If it’s rained recently the path turns to a very sticky and slippery mud.

On the way back I had just missed the bus so I walked back to Victoria. The bus to the ferry terminal was very busy at about 5:30pm with people going home from work.