Trip-report: Triple activation in Austria

Yeah, I know… it was a while back (in October 2011) but I just finished the last trip-report from my Austrian trip. It’s about the last SOTA day with three summits:

Sünser Spitz(OE/VB-340) - 8 pts.
Portlahorn (OE/VB-366) - 8 pts.
Portlakopf (OE/VB-408) - 8 pts.

Trip-report with pictures and video can be found under: Triple Activation: OE/VB-34Ø, OE/VB-366 and OE/VB-4Ø8 | SOTA outings by KØMOS and contributors

Have fun

Matt / K0MOS

In reply to K0MOS:
Thanks for that (and the points!); really nice to see the other end, particularly when it’s in such a spectacular location. :slight_smile:

73, Rick M0LEP

In reply to M0LEP:
Thanks Rick and also for the two contacts on this day - highly appreciated.
Matt / K0MOS