Trip Planning for KH6-Oahu

First, take a look at Allen’s blogsite for Hawaii at He has done a great job of documenting many of Oahu’s SOTA summits. OA-025, OA-029, OA-021, and OA-028 are all readily accessible and a short drive from Honolulu on the south coast. Each is on the south shore and therefore can be hot. And they are all popular tourist hikes and so they will be crowded. It’s advisable to hike as early as possible to avoid the crowds, especially at OA-025/Diamond Head. OA-001 is a challenging hike with two 100 ft. class 4 bouldering sections. Fortunately ropes are in place for each section but be sure to “test” each rope for safety. Mud can be a big problem as it can make the trail very, very slippery when wet. You might want to carry microspikes. Here’s some photos from MA-001: KH6/OH-001 | Flickr Other Oahu photos at: KH6-Oahu | Flickr

Also inexpensive Maui and Oahu maps area available at

Local Oahu Repeaters with some coverage of Maui: See Ham Radio in Hawaii - Hawaii Frequencies / Repeaters The 146.800 is the most active local repeater with a nightly net at 7:30 pm. Check in with your next day approx. activation time and folks will look for you on 146.52.

Treat yourself to a warm winter break!

Guy/n7un aka ns0ta

Hello Guy,
Thanks for the heads up - any idea about what bands/modes for Oahu?
I have worked KH7 but of course not SOTA so will be keen 8)
Good luck in any event.
Best wishes

Hi Mike,

I didn’t work any locals on HF. My primary HF activity was to the states and primarily 17m, 20m, and 15m cw. Did make some SSB contacts. Most stateside chasers will get you, esp. the west coast folks. There is some 2m FM but you might have to get on the 146.800 repeater to ask folks to work you on 146.52. I didn’t work any JA’s which would require a afternoon activation. Enjoy your trip! Guy/n7un