Trip PA3FYG and PA0SKP

Hallo all the om’s we worked on 28, 29 and 30 march.

We activated in thee days 13 summits. We understand that it is difficult to know from witch summit we were actif. But mostly the RBN was right. But always you have to listen yourself. If you are not sure. Ask!!! I always give my ref.!!!
Sorry we missed a lot of you. But we wanted te work in in few day a lot of Summits. We did it in an military way. Sorry for Hans. There was a SSB contest…It was difficult with SSB
On cw I worked a lot of stations! G4SSH always knows our ref…hihi! He listen very well!!
Tks all the stations we worked, and sorry when we leave the freq. to soon. We wanted also worked our sota friends in the USA on 20m. Tks W4ZV and N4EX we worked several times. I also called CQ on 30 m, but often there was no response, even it was notice with RBN.
With more then 300 radioamateurs I make a contact with CW!


73, Hans PA3FYG and Sake PA0SKP

Activations on 30-03-2013 on our way home.
Started with DM/SR-006 0746 GMT
DM/SR-009 0914 GMT
DM/SR-007 1112 GMT
DM/SR-021 1300 GMT
Lasted DM/RP-485 1541 GMT

In reply to PA0SKP/ PA3FYG:

Thanks very much for your efforts.

“…But always you have to listen yourself”

Oh well~ but they do not sometimes :wink:

Mike G6TUH

In reply to PA0SKP:
Thanks for the many summits that you both activated. I counted six that I managed to work, all 40M CW! It was certainly much easier on CW with the contest QRM on SSB.

Well done!

73 Andrew G4AFI

In reply to PA0SKP:
Thanks very much to both of you for the summits over the last few days.

Conditions on 40m have being poor but I managed to work 7 of the 13 summits you activated on 40m SSB.

Thanks for the points and hope to get you in the log again soon.

73 de Mick M0MDA

In reply to PA0SKP:

Thanks Sake for the info about our trip.
We had a lot of fun, and with good preparation, and if you are well organised we proofed it was possible for our selfs to activate many summits on one day, without cheeting. We were always transmitting from the exact GPS location.
If the summit was flat we worked with two stations with about 200-300 m distance. Even with 50w no qrm at other location ,even on the same band. (Sake CW and I did phone).
I came back home at 2200 local, total driven 1300 km, most by Sake.
Some summits were easy to access but we had some difficult routes as well,going up with hand and feet.
I will place pictures on my site soon, but first some logging to do…

Thanks for the nice trip Sake, and hope to do it again.
I was fun with sub zero temperature and 20cm of snow, but perhaps next time biw warmer?

73 de Hans PA3FYG

In reply to PA3FYG:

Yes it was fun. Tks! You have to start early in the morning! hihi
Tks G4AFI for working me 6 times. Tks “TUH” Mike for his support.
Now the logs…

73 !!

In reply to PA0SKP & PA3FYG:

Hello Sake, thanks.

You were both extremely well organised :sunglasses: and quite a challenge for you both. I think it will take you some time to check and upload your logs!

When you were both on RP-432 I had just finished my breakfast and looked for gaps in the QRM and decided 7.115 was a good candidate for Hans to choose.

Then he popped up at 08.10 very early! I was so suprised that I forgot to check my Flexradio settings. The night before I had been trying to make the radio PSK able and set the RF at 10W. For SSB I would have set it to 100 to give me about 80W PEP, perhaps I was still sleepy or perhaps stupid. But Hans has very good ears and heard my +/- 7W PEP! I was listening to your CW but was not brave enough to try 8( . It would have been like me trying to jump into a passing speedboat!

I think you both did a great job and as a chaser I am very grateful for the time, energy and costs involved to make it happen. I think people should remember this.

I hope to hear you both on your next adventure.

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

In reply to G6TUH:

Hello Mike,

Thanks for the nice words! It is always a game, chasers and activators.
Thanks for helping us. (Sotawatch!) Often there is no QRN or QRM on a summit, so you can hear weak stations (8 watt hihi). And Hans have good ears!

I hopen we “see” you on our next adventure!! (Thats makes the fun!)

Sake, PA0SKP