Tried W2/EH-003 In full snow gear.... but failed

I set out on my snow shoes this morning around 8:45am Est, Shortly after getting into the trail the previous snow shoe trail stopped and I had to forge forward and blaze the trail to the top. Even with many breaks and taking my time, my body was running out of steam to push forward. I was sinking at least 2 feet in on each step and moving forward was a struggle in itself. Even so I made it to one vantage point and took some pictures. I then decided to not push myself to the brink and get myself into trouble. I turned and head downhill making it safely back to home.

The region got upwards of 2 feet of snow over the last 48 hours, there was not a soul in sight, let alone up on a mountain. until I went to packup and head down. a group of 10+ snow showers were making their push for the first look out point where I turned around. they thanked me for blazing the trail and on my way I went.

Maybe, next weekend ill revisit and forge to the final look out where the Sota spot is and finish my mission. For now, I will call today a Successful failure.

Till the next snow adventure


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The region got upwards of 2 feet of snow

That made the 6in we got last night look rather tame! Even so I managed to get my car stuck and needed to dig it out. Embarrassing as it has 4wd :frowning:


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A wise decision, the summit isn’t going anywhere. Good luck next time.



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Andrew, i do hope S2S next time.
73 QRO

I had a blast… Sucks I ran out of steam, but forging forward in that snow, was just painful at that point. now that the trail is packed and made, maybe if we get no large quantities of snow ill hit it again in the coming weeks.