Trekking poles / tripod / seat combo

Not exactly inexpensive at CHF 191 a pair ($US 210) from online retailers, the Clever-Stick is a Swiss innovation that consists of a pair of trekking poles that come with accessories to turn them into a camera tripod (antenna support?) or even a 1-legged fabric stool (too unstable for me to use comfortably).

The product first came to national prominence when the founder appeared on the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”, our equivalent to “Dragon’s Den” where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas for additional funding. A 15-minute video of the broadcast (sorry, Swiss German only) with a demonstration of the product is here. Of the five judges, only one – the founder of a large online retailer – decided to invest in the company.

The company website is at Clever Stick home

An interesting idea…


That’s a bit expensive for me but talking of trekking poles with a difference - this one appears to have a mini tool kit (and a fork) built inside it!

Or you could order one of these for $17USD and turn your current trekking pole into a selfie stick. I agree, that “seat” looks pretty worthless. I think you’d expend more energy trying to stay upright on the one leg than you would just standing there.

For a tripod, you could get this from SOTAbeams and use it in conjunction with the above adapter.

Makes me think back at my own “invention”, the Pole-Umbrella-Table all-in-one.
Nobody seemed interested to make it into a commercial succes :rofl:



Hi All,

Update on Cleaver-Stick

I was lucky enought that my XYL decided to buy these poles for me as a Xmas present. Last weekend I done a test drive and they work quite well as a support mast for my LPDA. See pics attached

I had to do small modification by the way of adding small peace of PVC tube to give stable and riggit mounting place for the beam. I still need to figure out support system so I do not need to hold it.

Making tripod to support a some kind of vertical antenna is also an option but base is not very wide so antenna cannot be too high. However, tripod can be used to keep your rig off the ground. Supplied mobile holder for selfie-stick use, holds mine mcHF QRP with KX3 heatsink attached.

Needless to say I am very happy with my present. :slight_smile: Thank you Paul for flaggin this product up.

73 de Marek


I’m famous for failing off three-legged stools while on SOTA… my advice… just don’t do it… :slight_smile:



I don’t know about you but I’m a “Three Legged Man” ;-).

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