Transceivers, checked or carry on baggage?

I thought I’d ask the question, via the dangood(at) email address, as to their thoughts on whether transceivers should be carried in hand luggage, or checked baggage. Here is the reply I had today:

Hi Don,

Many thanks for your question. From a dangerous goods perspective, the radio transmitting equipment would be classed as consumer electronics when carried by passengers for personal use. If the lithium ion batteries do not exceed 100Wh, these can be carried in checked or carry-on luggage. Spare batteries can only be in carry-on baggage and you can take a maximum of 2 spares for each item.

Please see below more in depth instructions from the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations:

It should be noted that the preferred location for electronic devices is also in carry-on baggage.
(my emphasis)

If you have concerns in future, I would recommend you contact the carrying airline in advance.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Manager, Dangerous Goods Standards

International Air Transport Association
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