Trans-Atlantic S2S Events - 20th April 2019 and 2nd November 2019

I’m planning to participate, but haven’t decided from where yet Ed. The answer might come in a chocolate egg that morning :chocolate_bar:

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I just put in my alert - 73 de NY4G

I am usually pretty fickle and don’t post an alert until shortly before, but went ahead and posted one for the event. Now I just need to figure out where I am going today and post some alerts. :rofl:

73, pat - KI4SVM

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I hope to activate QRP CW from G/CE-005 from 1300utc on 14 and 18 MHz. Can also be QRV on 10, 7 and 5. Will post an alert nearer the day if dry weather and my availability looking likely.

I think the current situation with needing to repost alerts rather than edit them may be putting some people off posting their intentions until the last minute. All I can say is after today’s S2S event, I am really looking forward to getting out again in a fortnight. As they say, “Bring It On!”.


I suspect there will be more alerts shortly before the event. I notice at least in NA many do not post until a day or maybe two before. I am planning to participate as well but weather and Boy Scout camping all has to be coordinated, so no alert posted yet.

I planned to participate but didn’t want to post an alert until all details have been settled. As I return on the 19th, the alert will be last minute.
Equipment will be KX3/ 10 Watts and a Delta Loop for 20m which should be good for some Trans-Atlantic QSOs.
73, Roman - DL3TU

More for personal interest as we know propagation changes quickly, but I ran 20m WSPR from here at 200mW from 1100-1300UTC to see where my signals may get next Saturday as part of the Transatlantic S2S event. this is where I got to:
(thanks to DXPlorer for the graphic).
2 of the three spots of signals received from the states were right on 1200 UTC, before and after that time signals were not travelling as far.

Again thanks to DXPlorer and SOTABeams for the data analysis.
I’m not sure who “SDR” is and whether this could be someone in the US, giving his home locator but using an SDR in Europe, so I am ignoring that entry.

I will try to get to do a similar test on 40m in the next few days.

73 Ed.

GM0GAV/P plans to be active later in the day, 20m CW only. Possibly 1630 to 1830Z, possibly even 1900Z. Going to try a S2S with KT5X & K1JD. KX2 and high dipole.

73 Gavin

Hi Ed,
Your post has boosted me to get my WSPRlite and put it to transmit on 10MHz.
It just started transmitting a few minutes ago and no spots have been reported so far, so it looks like the band is closed right now.
I’ll leave it on for the whole day tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it went with my endfed wire in the balcony.
73 and good night,


P.D. you will see the reports from my WSPRlite transmissions under this other thread: Playing with WSPRlite - #11 by EA2IF

And here’s my (much longer) test on 40m:

Thanks to SOTABeams and DXPlorer for this data.

As you can see - only reception around Europe - nothing into the US or Canada:

So for Saturday, I would suggest we SSB operators need to hope for good propagation on 20m if we are to get contacts into the US, let alone S2S contacts.

Then again propagation can change!

73 Ed.

Due to weather forecast (solid rain from Fri-Sun), I’ll probably be sitting this one out. Good luck everyone.

73, Barry N1EU

Just posted my alert. I’m schlepping the FT-891 and three LiFePo batteries in hopes of motivating the ions for everyone :slight_smile:

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Going qro as well with yaesu 857. Propagation prediction from W5A indicates 20m with 100 watts cw has about 30% likelihood into London between 12-1600 utc. 19-2100 surprisingly good prediction at 50%. Haven’t run other Europe locations yet.

I will be posting an alert soon and plan to activate at least two peaks that day.

I wonder what chance then I’ll have getting stateside on Saturday from my London area SOTA summit with my KX2 running only 10W cw? Yesterday afternoon, WSPR running 1W into my 20m dipole in the back yard got 4 east coast stations after 20 minutes. But then WSPR can reach the Dx that other modes can’t.

I’m in, 1/4 GP vertical and 30W (if I manage to finish the mini-amplifier by then) on 20m.

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I take it with a grain of salt as actual conditions may vary. The solar flux index has been significantly better the last couple times I checked. Hope it holds. Someone who uses the program more than me can correct or add, but I have made sota contacts with low probabilities before and low solar flux numbers. Also some of the chasers have fantastic antennas and dedication, which increases probabilities. Perhaps we won’t have a lot of transatlantic s2s qsos or big pileups, but let’s see what we can do. I ran 5 watts and probability was around 10-20% as I recall. That’s when I decided to take the large transceiver to increase the odds. I do think Ssb-only stations running qrp will likely have some difficulty and the weak data modes will likely have at least some success. But this is part of the enjoyment. Hope we make contact. I ran several locations and from my planned location probabilities were better into Southern Europe.


Hopefully I will be able to work you on one or maybe two of your summits Brent. I must make a note to remind myself that you are moving location. Hopefully propagation will play ball as it did last November. :grinning:

73, Geral;d G8CXK (G4OIG)

I’ve had to downsize my hill (ambitions :grin:) due to another commitment earlier in the day. Weather forecast looking good so will hopefully have a lengthy stay (100W SSB into an inverted V dipole). Good luck everyone

PS don’t whisper, SHOUTING carries further for us voice fans :wink:

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My wife’s just broken her patella this week in a fall. I will be activating a local g-tw summit if I can make sure our daughter is around as my wife is unable to get around the house on her own at the moment.