Traffic lights & Car Engine management system ?

The local town has a set of traffic lights controlling traffic into and out of the supermarket and business park .
The other day a van was broken down hazards flashing in the right turn lane but over the stop line causing an obstruction. couple of days later our car cut out while at the lights and dashboard lights were on but no power to the starter motor and ignition. I removed the key waited then all was OK , 20 yards ahead in the same lane a VW was blocking the way hazard lights on broken down .
Today I pulled up at the same lights and the engine continued to run OK but the engine management light started flashing as I went through the lights after about 50 yards the light went out on it’s own and is fine . Coincidences?
Is it possible the lights or something in the petrol station or McDonalds next to them has emc issues ? and who would you inform to check it out ?

Scully and Mulder would be my first call.


Contact Channel 4… I’m sure they will pay you for the tip-off and then make a naff programme about the spooky traffic light happenings. :wink:

Surely Channel 5 and/or Blaze or Really would be a better bet?

Coincidence would have done :smiley:

Cabin fever Richard, maybe the weather’s too bad for SOTA further north? :wink:

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This sounds equally important as people’s garage doors not auto-opening, so why not report it to Ofcom, so they can drop all “less important jobs” and send their emergency task force in to investigate.

Then again, you could find a local ham with a TinySA to go by and scan to see what is going on …

Seriously though, another thought, there isn’t a high powered electric car charging pad nearby being tested is there?

Good luck with the investigations Richard.

73 Ed.

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The lights look like they use induction loops in the road to detect traffic which have an alternating current running through them (frequency is in the kHz range apparently) and this technology has been around for a very long time.
The loops have been there for years according to streetview and it sounds like the problems are only recent so if it’s the traffic lights, something may have failed (or been changed) in the signal generator - report to the local council highways department they should be able to test the equipment quite easily.

If it’s only started happening recently, something must have changed although it doesn’t sound like there’s anything else obvious in the vicinity.

Failing that, it must be one of those 5G masts that are trying to kill us all.

There are charging points on the car park . Just thought I’d ask if anybody had heard of owt like that . Probably coincidence?

Yeah you are right about the induction loops, it’s old technology I Could even be something new in the area or just a coincidence ?
Don’t know much about 5g or phones I’m afraid my mobile phone cost about £5 several years ago and is hardly ever switched on so at least I can rule it out !

Reminds me of this scene from the West Wing, all those years ago: