Tracking SOTA DXCC's Worked

I’m curious to find out how many DXCC’s I’ve worked from SOTA summits over the years.

However, with what I think would be in the region of 30,000+ contacts in my SOTA logs to trawl through, this would take me forever.

Anyone come up with a programme/solution for tracking DXCC’s in their SOTA logs?


Guessing that you could convert your SOTA log to ADIF and import into ?

If you have the logs in ADIF format upload them to and it’ll give you a nice chart of your DXCCs

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No but a good place to start if you are really interested in DXCC is:

The good thing is that you get DXCC credits/award via LOTW - auto :wink:

Good luck and good night.


In fact, using the ARRL proprietry system is now mandatory for DXCC I believe - they no longer accept paper cards or entries in other online logging systems that came before theirs.


That really only matters if you want to apply for awards of course.

They’ve copied us again!

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In your SOTA activator log you have 159 DXCCs worked:

3B8 , 3B9 , 3Z9 , 4L , 4K , 4O , 4U , 4X , 5B4 , 5N , 5Q , 5R , 5Z , 6V , 6W , 7Q , 7X , 7Z , 8P , 9A , 9G , 9H , 9J , 9K , 9Y , A4 , A6 , A7 , A9 , BY , C3 , C5 , C7 , CE , CN , CO , CT , CT3 , CU , CX , D4 , DL , E7 , EA , EA8 , EI , ER , ES , EU , EX , F , FG , FK , FM , FP , FR , FY , G , GD , GI , GM , GU , GW , H9 , HA , HB , HI , HK , HL , HM , HP , HR , HS , HZ , I , IS0 , J2 , J3 , J6 , J8 , JA , JW , JX , JY , KP2 , KP4 , LA , LU , LX , LY , LZ , OA , OD , OE , OH , OH0 , OK , OM , ON , OX , OY , OZ , P2 , P4 , PA , PJ2 , PJ4 , PY , RA , S0 , S2 , S5 , S9 , SM , SP , SU , SV , SV5 , SV9 , T7 , TA , TF , TI , TJ , TK , TR , TT , UA9 , UK , UN , UR , V2 , V5 , V8 , VE , VK , VP5 , VP8 , VP9 , VR2 , VU , W , XT , YO , YB , YK , YL , YN , YO , YU , YV , Z3 , ZA , ZD7 , ZF1 , ZL , ZM9 , ZP , ZS

You’ve also got a load of wrong (impossible) callsigns in there as well (hundreds!), so a spot of housekeeping is in order.

Nice job on the DXCCs though - some good stuff in there.


Hi Mike,
Since I got back active in radio in 2006 after my 1998 QRT, I started using Logger32 as my main logging program. All my SOTA activation logs always go to my main log under Logger32 and I’ve just requested the program to tell me the worked DXCC entities with EA2IF/P callsing.
This is what I’ve got:

As some others told you before in this thread, by producing an adif file with all your activation logs and importing it into any of the several logging programs available, you’ll be able to find out the number of DXCC you’ve worked so far.

Best 73,



I understand that the log format for LOTW is ADIF. Not proprietary.

The encryption is standard PKI. Your encryption key is unique to you. That’s how they ensure that only you can upload to your LOTW log. Better than passwords. Anyone can guess most people’s sotadata password. I bet many are “password” or their callsign, FRED or test123.

I’d better get my QSLs validated for DXCC before that method is discarded. So to speak. :slight_smile:

Andrew VK1DA/VK2UH

Yes indeed Tom — 2E0YYY with 159 DXCC from SOTA activations!

Just came here to shut down. I suppose the trouble is that there are so many things (eg: callsign variation) that can screw things up and I would guess that the tally for him would be greater. I say again to you YYY get yourself sorted with LOTW. You can have multiple keys to cover various calls and now shutting down all IT and off to watch Masterchef :wink:

Night night

Thanks Mike, you’re right, I think there are some that slipped through the net. A few that stuck out…

DU Philippines, HC8 Galapagos Islands and CY9 St Paul Island.

A few more may surface, when I finally enter the logs into LOTW.

73 Mike

Why not use the SOTA import facility included in Log4OM and this will automatically enter the SOTA references into the database for analysing your SOTA results?

Terry - Log4OM developer

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I have a question regarding this too! I do change my ‘sota ref’ before entering my new QSO after an activation but one of the summits cannot produce the ‘sota award’ results as others. I did export to normal CSV and the data were there.
Are there any known bugs with this? I have only found a video that describe the ‘correct’ process.

Groan! :smile:

Yep, missed a few. I now actually make your SOTA activator DXCC count to be 165 Mike:

3B8 ,3B9 ,4K ,4L ,4O ,4U ,4X ,5B ,5N ,5Q ,5R ,5Z ,6V ,6W ,7Q ,7T ,7X ,7Y ,7Z ,8P ,9A ,9G ,9H ,9J ,9K ,9Y ,A4 ,A6 ,A7 ,A9 ,BU ,C3 ,C5 ,C7 ,CE ,CK ,CN ,CO ,CT ,CT3 ,CU ,CX ,CY9 ,D4 ,DL ,DU ,E7 ,EA ,EA8 ,EA9 ,EI ,EK ,ER ,ES ,EU ,EX ,F ,FG ,FK ,FM ,FP ,FR ,FY ,G ,GD ,GI ,GM ,GU ,GW ,HA ,HB0 ,HB ,HC ,HC8 ,HI ,HK0 ,HK ,HL ,HP ,HR ,HS ,HZ ,I ,IS0 ,J2 ,J3 ,J6 ,J8 ,JA ,JW ,JX ,JY ,KP4 ,LA ,LU ,LX ,LY ,LZ ,OA ,OD ,OE ,OH0 ,OH ,OK ,OM ,ON ,OX ,OY ,OZ ,P2 ,P4 ,PA ,PJ ,PY ,RA ,S5 ,S9 ,SM ,SO ,SU ,SV ,SV5 ,SV9 ,SY ,T7 ,TA ,TF ,TI ,TJ ,TK ,TR ,TT ,UA2 ,UA9 ,UK ,UN ,UR ,V2 ,V5 ,V8 ,VE ,VK ,VP2 ,VP5 ,VP8 ,VP9 ,VR ,VU ,W ,XT ,YB ,YK ,YL ,YN ,YO ,YU ,YV ,Z3 ,ZA ,ZD7 ,ZD8 ,ZF1 ,ZL ,ZP , ZS

There may be some more. You’ve got at least 103 “impossible” callsigns in there. Most of these are typos with obvious corrections, but logger programs would spit them out. Clublog is pretty clever and would probably tell you what it is supposed to be! There are some strange ones though, like “1053”, “475TT”, “FA1IFQ”, “FLL1B” and even a German SWL in there (but that seems to have escaped the list below):

1053 ,1225 ,0E6GND ,12BEO ,12CZQ ,12YBC ,15FBP ,17PXV ,1A5A ,1T9/AI4OI/ ,
1T9AKC ,1T9COR ,1T9TDJ ,1V3GKL ,1W2OGW ,1Z0ARL ,1Z0FVH ,1Z0MQN ,1Z0TTE ,1Z0TTE ,1Z0UIM ,1Z0UIN ,1Z1PNT ,1Z2ZQP ,1Z3AYS ,1Z3QHB ,1Z4JLZ/M ,1Z4OSG ,1Z4OZH ,1Z4VZI/M ,1Z5ASZ ,1Z6BXV ,1Z8NWE ,1Z8OFO ,1Z8OFO ,1Z8SFM ,1Z8TZW ,475TT ,D09RWG ,E770 ,E770 ,E8CDJ ,EA1A0M ,F0GWK29 ,FA1IFQ ,FLL1B ,G01CCL/M,
Y05QDN ,Y06BZ1 ,Y06BZL ,Y06PIB ,Y07AOT ,Y08COK ,Y08CQR ,Y08RGL ,Y08RGL ,Y09BIV ,Y09CSZ ,Y09ILA ,Y09INI ,

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Well Tom, now 165. Very good of you to put the time in for YYY with the log. I must say I am surprised with that tally but I suppose usual suspects of decent antenna and propagation working.