Track IBP (scale of difficulty)

Hello, this is Gerald F6HBI,
Yesterday i found on the web a IBP Measuring human effort for hiking, walking or riding!
I then have uploaded one of my track and got a result pretty interesting.
May be that could be interesting, if the sota mapping or could show this result for the track published.
link to upload a file (trk, gpx,kml): IBP index Calculer son indice d’effort
The index board:

Thanks for reading, Gerald


Thanks Gerald. This was interesting and fun to play around with.

After letting it rate tracks from several activations from mild to difficult it seems to give a pretty good sense of relative difficulty.

Thanks and 73,

Mike - ke5akl


Hello Mike,
Just got this result for one of my activation on F/AB-001



Well I haven’t figured it out but it might be very useful.

However our ski trails are rated green, blue and black, in increasing difficulty, with black double diamond being the one most likely to have you get a ride in an ambulance.

I have just discovered that our 4 WD tracks get similar ratings. Double black diamond requires winching as tyre grip alone is not enough.

Could do with a winch or two these days when ascending hills here (I originally wrote “wench” instead of “winch” - works either way for me. A double Black Label on the rocks helps when descending…

Prefer a good Malt but in an emergency…

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