(tr)uSDX: up periscope!

What, a submarine version of the rig? Activating under the sea?

Not at all. I just wanted to improve the display. As other users have experienced, it is very difficult to read the characters of the Oled display against the sun on bright days.
In the other hand at home the display works fine.

Therefore I thought how to improve it.
Replacing the Oled for a brighter display was rejected and I did it in a simple way:

  1. Cut some cardboard strips:

  2. Then form a rectangular prism and glue it

  3. Next paint it in black internally and apply other color externally (acrylic paint)

  4. Finally, buy a cheap and light x5 eye loupe (polycarbonate) to increase the font size for free

There it is ready to go and function passed ok:

I checked in my balcony and works great. The prism produces enough shade.
I just need to run an activation to give green light for mass production.

Will it pass the wind test all right?

73 de Ignacio


How about one of these? :smiley:



Not bad, even cheaper, but I’m afraid it’s oversized compared to truSDX width!

73 Ignacio

All you need now is a Stethoscope to make sure the speaker is working.
Great idea Ignacio.
vk5cz …


Takes too long to empty the toilet paper roll. Use it whilst full, like this:


is good idea Ignacio, to me it was one of the first problem of the (tr)usdx I was with it at Veleta and with sunshine is quite difficult to see properly the screen in fact I had take pics with my Iphone beacuse was impossible see the frequency on the screen, so well done… hihihi…
73. Manu.

so you are equipped for the necessary needs at SOTA… please then also think of the folding spade


73 Armin


Nice idea…

Only in terms of color you should then still adapt to the housing variations… :wink:

73 Armin

Actually, I had a spade and toilet paper on the master list but removed it because the list is intended to apply to a day trip only. Also, too many heavy things already, including a hammer and “Andy’s anvil”. What remains is not intended to be a final list. Activators have to pick and choose from the following for their personal list - -

==== Before hitting the trail:

Test equipment at home, add name and phone number to all items, use checklist at home and again when arriving at trailhead, post SOTA alert, pre-hydrate, do final weather check, call home with location of trailhead and summit plus estimated times, place everything on hood/bonnet of truck while getting organized before the climb, lock truck.

==== At the top:

Safety first, don’t run out of sunlight, watch for approaching thunderheads, leave no trash or gear behind, show the simple courtesy of taking out other’s trash, announce your new freq when you QSY and when you QRT, consider returning to original freq right before going QRT, use all your tools to find your way back down to the trailhead.

==== Back at the truck:

Put everything on the hood while stowing gear, change into dry shirt, call home, drive safely, add tips/cautions to summit resource page in database.

==== What to take:

Checklist including alerted freq’s and peak reference, backpack, radios & mini-manuals, mic, headphones, keyer paddle and backup straight key, tuner/balun, transmission line, adapters (sma-bnc), antennas (hf-vhf), tripod-base, fish-rod/mounting spike & straps, counterpoise, fully charged batteries/power cable, clip leads, cordage, tent stakes, light hammer, fishline, 2 oz sinkers, slingshot, log book, 2 pencils, Swiss army knife, cigarette lighter, chapstick, light tarp, water bladder, food, headlamp, orange survival bag, pistol (where legal), bear spray/bell, whistle, signaling mirror, binoculars/camera, altimeter, thermometer, clock, GPS/map/compass, route plan, Bushnell Backtrack or similar, locator beacon, phone, APRS, mini-stool, spare truck key, copy of radio license in plastic envelope with money/papers, layered clothing/rain gear, hat, gloves, goggles/dark glasses, sunscreen, spare socks, trekking poles, snow gear, boot traction devices, towel, mini-dictaphone, first aid kit, bug repellent spray, flag.

The list is in the files section of NaSota.groups.io

Elliott, K6EL


After 2 years of the experience of the helicopter pilot, who circles above me at all activations to watch over me, I could fortunately reduce the list by the signal whistle…

But I know - it’s hard to get good personnel these days.

Just the other day my butler sprained his ankle in the field… clumsy person.

But we digress - I think the signal whistle will be replaced by a periscope. I think it is a fine thing.

73 Armin


=== At the Top:
Return to truck to collect equipment left on hood :rofl:


I prefer panpipes - there’s always the (admittedly remote) chance of calling forest nymphs to the, ahem, activation zone!