Tour to the southwestern Jura (HB/NE, HB/VD, F/JU)

When the temperature is over 30° Celsius, I’m no longer up for mountain hikes… But the weather forecast for the next week promises cooler temperatures.

It’s time to set out again for regions that were new to me. Yesterday I called the campsite in Pontarlier and made a reservation. From Sunday August 20th I will be on the move in the southwestern Jura for about 1 week and will activate summits in the HB/NE, HB/VD and F/JU areas.

The plan shows the summits that I want ti activate …and the geodata of the parking lots… maybe there will be more summits in the southwest, if there is time left.

I will start on Sunday with F/JU-016… (and hope for an S2S with Marcel @DM3FAM on DM/BW-859, which I’m still missing to have DM/BW complete.)

If anyone has any (up-to-date) information about the summits, I would of course be happy to get them.

73 Armin


Ahhh, the Jura mountains, my favorites: not too high, easy for lazy tigers like me, nice woods, not too dense, mostly splendid views.
I updated sotadata information (especially regarding parking …), where not already indicated.

I can unreservedly recommend all of HB/NE summits.
For Aiguilles des Baulmes HB/VD-038, there is a T2/T3 track going up. I recommend using the track to the north, certainly for going down at least.
Le Chasseron HB/VD-035 has a hotel on top, I think (not sure) you may drive up as a hotel guest.
Le Mont d’Or F/JU-009 is also a nice summit with splendid views.
Mont Poupet F/JU-050 is almost drive-up, but has no views at summit. But going up (down) there are viewpoints on the French Jura. At its foot is Salins-les-Bains, once known for its salt works and spa.

On the way home, HB/FR-049 offers nice views also (towards the Jura Mountains you just did and also towards the Alps), but I see you’ve already bagged that one :slight_smile:

I hope this wets your appetite and helps a little bit. Enjoy!

73 de Martin / HB9GVW


I don’t have any problems with that :wink: - I find Jura and Vosges much nicer than the Black Forest…
My focus is on the HB9 lowland summits, which I would like to have completed at some point. This task has already taken me to many beautiful areas that I would not have come to otherwise.

Thanks for the tip about F/JU-050. I didn’t have that on the screen at all… but it’s close by and would even be a complete for me. You can combine it well with F/JU-084, where there is probably a parking lot for paragliders nearby.

73 Armin


Armin @DL6GCA. Good luck with your planned SOTA tour. I hope to hear from you on Sunday.

73 Marcel DM3FAM