Tour de LA

Some chasers may have realised that we have travelled through Germany (activation of Piekberg DM/ND-003) and Sweden (activation of SM/VD-003 Bjönerödspiggen) and have finally arrived in Norway. Today we activated LA/HM-157 (Nordsetberget) and are planning to activate Duasberget (LA/HM-156) tomorrow.

We will be working our way up along route 3 (via Kongsvinger and Elverum) to Trondheim and further up to Alsta (and maybe even further north but that depends on the weather) and are planning to activate various summits in the course of the next two weeks. So please follow the Alerts and Spots.

We’d also be happy to get in touch with local hams!

Look forward to many contacts!

Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL & Kimo


Viel Spaß im Hohen Norden und gute Fahrt!
Ich hoffe, auf ein paar S2S!
73 Heinz

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Listened for you and Peter yesterday Sylvia but heard nothing. Have fun on your travels!

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hello sylvia and peter,

i’m sure you will have a great time up there in norway … and thanks for the s2s-qso today!

and sorry to all the chasers that probably wanted to work me also. i had to make qrt after a few contacts because of rain and threatening thunderclouds. being at an alpine summit with an altitude of 2068m and over 2 hours to walk down i did not want to risk anything.

73 martin, oe5reo

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Genug Gegenstationen wären ja vorhanden: wrtc2018
sind halt keine S2S :wink:

73 de PGM, Gerhard

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We’ve had a great time so far activating the following three summits. The weather has been extremely good too us with temperatures around 30 degrees (which is actually a bit too hot for our liking…)

Nordsetberget LA/HM-157**

Duasberget LA/HM-156

We started on a path that was very seldom used but it got better later on…


Storetfjellet LA/HM-039
which we enjoyed the most so far!

We’ll keep you posted about more activations further north!
Thanks to all the chasers and the many S2S-contacts!

Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL & Kimo


Hi, have a great time in Norway, some places looks familiar! Tried to work you from the summit on EA6 on 20m, but got no luck. We are comming home soon and I will check the alerts!

73 de LB8CG.

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First-time activation of Botnkrona (one of the 7 Sisters on the Island of Alsta near Sandnessjoen) LA/NL-052

We set off on a beautiful and hot sunny morning and pretty soon realised that 1,000 m ascent in Norway can be “just a wee bit harder” than in Austria, meaning scrambling pretty much all the way up. Therefore we took quite a bit longer than we thought and arrived an hour late on the summit.

Still a long way from the summit

Looking over to the island of Donna.

We were all grateful for the water that came running down from various directions as we needed quite a lot in the heat.
Conditions were strange as we had the feeling that the band was closed and suddenly opened up again and allowed us about 20 contacts on the 20m band. Thanks to all the chasers!!

Sorry, no activity on the 40m band as we knew that we needed another 4 hours to get down again.

We have arrived on the Lofoten islands in the meantime and are thinking about 2 - 3 activations in the course of this week if the weather stays good.

73, Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL & Kimo


I have finally got round to complete my report of the remaining activations in LA, i.e. on the Lofoten Islands.

When we arrived on the Lofoten (short ferry trip from Bognes to Lodingen) it was somewhat overcast and the clouds were hanging very low. We had orginally planned to do a first-activation of Anderstinden (Varden) LA/NL-154 but as its top was covered in clouds we decided to climb a lower mountain, i.e. Sundsheia LA/NL-174 instead.
3,7 km and an elevation gain of 250 m was easily managed despite the sore knees we still had from Botnkrona :grimacing:
Terrain was easy although boggy but the swampy bits were nicely covered with wooden planks…

And from that day on we had beautiful sunshine and temperatures between 20 and 25 C :sun_with_face::sunny: - on the Lofoten - mind you!

We set up camp at a sandy beach near Flagstad where we stayed for a couple of days:

went to Nusfjord, the old fishing town, with its little radio museum

and enjoyed the most beautiful sunsets one can imagine

Finally, we set off to do our last activation on the Lofoten: Veggen LA/NL-163
Another first-time activation which we enjoyed so much that we didn’t really want to leave. The pictures speak for themselves:

Veggen is the higher summit on the left, the one on the right is Mannen (LA/NL-170).

The very steep ascent of 480 m was well worth it…

We never had a problem to qualify a summit although on some days conditions were rather bad - but we always managed a nice list of contacts. We used a vertical endfed which seemed to help a lot…

Thanks a lot to the chaser for accompanying us on one of the most beautiful holidays we’ve ever had :sunglasses::sunglasses:

73, Sylvia OE5YYN & Peter OE5AUL & Kimo (who was a bit fed up with all that driving :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:)