Tour de Central Finland

My vacation has started and I am going to do Tour de Central Finland. Target is to reach about 20 one point Summits during coming four weeks. Tomorrow I doing Part I to western side of Lake Päijänne. Basic idea is to keep cw contacts on 20 m and perhaps ssb too when possible. Let’s see what happens!

73, Saku OH2NOS

Enjoy your trip Saku. Hope to work you many times.

73, Hans YO/PB2T

Sorry. Only noise on 18086 kHz at Kuopio.

73, Jaakko OH7BF/F5VGL

No problems, Jaakko. I got five qsos at least. I think I am having feeling of winners! :+1:

Short status report

So far I have made two trips, 12 summits together. First was Monday July 6th and second Saturday and Sunday July 11th and 12th. During the first trip I used 14 MHz and during second trip 18 MHz because at the same time was held some cw contest. Only couple of the latest qsos I made with 14 MHz.

Typically when I operate from Jyranvuori (OH/JS-066), 20 to 30 percent of qsos are from “G-countries” but now during the first trip I had none of them. In fact I operated one, I/G4OBK/p, but he was in Italy! During the second trip I operated Roy “The Big Gun” G4SSH and G4AFI only.

Calls which I operated at least two times in the first trip were CU3AA, DJ5AV, DL1FU, DL2HWI, DL3HXX, EA2DT, I/G4OBK/p, OE8SPW, ON4FI, SM6DER and SP9AMH. Corresponding calls which I operated at least two times in the second trip were DF5WA, DJ5AV, DL3HXX, EA2DT, HB9AGH, KA1R, OK2PDT, PA0SKP, PB2T and SP9AMH.

Yesterday afternoon I wrote wrong summit number to SOTAwatch2. Qsos between 12.59-13.13 UTC were from OH/JS-048, not from OH/JS-025 like wrote to web, my alert was correct.

Worked DX calls are KA1R and W3DX. I never can understand how somebody can hear my weak five watts somewhere very far from Finland! In the chasers ranking list TOP 3 are 1) EA2DT (8 qsos), 2) SP9AMH (6), 3) DL1FU (5) and very close behind are CU3AA, DL2HWI, DL3HXX and ON4FI with 4 qsos. Big thank for every chasers! Next trip I am going to do next week, but let’s see.

73, Saku OH2NOS

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Tomorrow, Tuesday 28.7, I do my last trip for Tour de Central Finland. I was aiming to be close Jyvaskyla two days but there will be held Neste Oil Rally Finland 2015 and all the local hotels and Gasthouses are occupied. Also is promised that Wednesday will be very rainy. Planned tour below:

Start 05.00 UTC (08.00 Finnish time)

Driving to Kiiskilanmaki 2 h 41 min – 217 km
OH/JS-016 on air (with assembly & disassembly) 08.00-09.00
Driving to Pyhamaki 09.00-09.40 – 40 km 37 min
OH/JS-033 on air (with assembly & disassembly) 10.00-11.00
Driving to Loukkuvuori 11.00–11.30 – 35 km, 30 min
OH/JS-035 on air (with assembly & disassembly) 11.30-12.30
Driving to Leppamaki 12.30–13.00 – 35 km, 30 min
OH/JS-044 on air (with assembly & disassembly) 13.00-14.00
Driving to Iso Rajamaki 14.00-14.40 – 40 km, 40 min
OH/JS-036 on air (with assembly & disassembly) 14.40-15.40
Driving to Pyykkivuori 15.40–16.20 45 km, 40 min
OH/JS-051 on air (with assembly & disassembly) 16.20-17.20

Back to home 17.20-20.20, 3 h – 245 km (23.30 Finnish time)

I hope several chasers for earning summit points and making this possible. Thank you already beforehand!

73, Saku OH2NOS

Ps. Times are +/- depending on number of chasers on summit. I will spot.


Final summary

Last trip is behind and it is time for summary. First, I need to say that the challenge what I took was bigger what I expected. Three days and eighteen summits means six summit per day. Because Finnish Summer is very light it is not any problem to make six summit per day but after done those I know that you do not have any time to operate, your task is only to transfer from point to point and assemble and disassemble your station. Time for operating is minimal. The last trip was longest and took 17 hour, 1.5 hours more what I calculated.

Second, in future I do not make this kind of trips. Depending of the case three to four summits per day is maximal. I like more operating than driving/hiking. When you have limited time for operating you are a bit nervous if anybody answer to your call or not. But it is good to make tests and understand what is good for you and what is not.

Third, big hand for all your chaser who made this possible! Without you I had not any extra points, now I have eighteen more as before. An activator is fully alone in the summit and you, chasers, are the helping hand.

Fourth, statistics: during eighteen summits I had 168 qsos which means 9.3 qsos per summit. With 22 chaser I made 62 % of qsos but every single chaser is more valuable for the activator as a kilogram of gold. Those 22 chasers are: EA2DT, ON4FI, SP9AMH, DJ5AV, DF5WA, CU3AA, DL3HXX, DL1FU, OE8SPW, HB9AGH, DL2HWI, PA0SKP, DL6UHA, EA2IF, EA2LU, F6EAZ, G4SSH, HB9MKV, KA1R, OK1DVM, OK2PDT, PB2T.

11 qsos with Manuel EA2DT. 8 qsos with Karel ON4FI and Mariusz SP9AMH. 7 qsos with Michael DJ5AV and Berthold DF5WA. 5 qsos with Joao CU3AA, Lothar DL3HXX, Friedrich DL1FU, Paul OE8SPW and Ambrosi HB9AGH. 4 qsos with Dietmar DL2HWI and Sake PA0SKP. 3 qsos with Hans DL6UHA, Guru EA2IF, Jorge EA2LU, Chris F6EAZ, Roy G4SSH, Rudolf HB9MKV, Matthew KA1R, Miroslav OK1DVM, Jan OK2PDT and Hans PB2T. The rest 38 % of qsos I made with 51 different calls, which are: DK1WI, DK4RW, DL1DVE, DL1NKS, DL2DXA, DL3JON, DL3JPN, DL6AP, DL6WT, DL7URB, DL8DXL/p, DL8UVG, EA1DFP, EA2BDS/p, EA4CWM, F5SQA, F8FKK, G3VQO, G4AFI, G4FGJ, G4OBK, G4ZIB, HB9BCB/p, HB9CGA, HB9DAX, HB9DGV, I/G4OBK/p, I5GNJ, M0BKV, OE1WIU/p, OE6GND, OE6SOF, OK1ACF, OK2RYA, OM1AX, ON6BZQ, ON6KZ, PA0XAW, PA7ZEE, RV9WMZ/p, S52CU, S69AGH, S69CGA, S69CYV, SK6RM, SM6DER, SN0P, SP8RHP, UA3FQ, W3DX and YO2BP.

Fifth, done what done! Now I transfer to as chaser and in the near future you can hear me as activator from “my own summit”, Jyranvuori OH/JS-066.

73, Saku OH2NOS