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Tour de Bavaria 2016

After five weeks I had again possibility to make a SOTA activation. Yesterday in Jyranvuori OH/JS-066 was the best radio condition after spring. Stations game mainly 599 and very strongly – I felt that life is back!

I am dreaming to make a new Tour next summer and the destination would Bavaria in Germany if possible. After short research with SOTA Map and Google Maps Bavaria Low Mountains looks very attractive area for the Tour. I even found a local map (http://www.bavaria.by/low-mountains) which is very accurate and helps for approaching summits. My plan is visit in the area which is between Passau and Deggendorf and East from those cities until Czech border.

I would know if there is some local restrictions with summits (parking, snakes, walking in forest etc.). Also I would hear comments of potential Hotels and Gasthouses where could stay, good but not too expensive. My XYL is going to join the Tour but she said: “why I would come for sitting in the forest when you are keeping qsos ONLY”? So, what kind of interesting things, places etc. is located in this area? I suppose that for political reasons it would be best to try arrange win-win Tour.

It is lot of time to next summer, but well planned is half done! So, if some of you SOTAmates who know this are well could help me? Please, contact me by email [oh2nos(at)sral.fi].

73, Saku OH2NOS


I visited the area twice. In October 2014 I stayed in http://www.berggasthof-lusen.de It was not too expensive with good German quality. Parkings were very crowded. I left my car on the hotel parking and took the tourist bus. The website of the Bayerischer Wald shows that part of the park is closed early summer to protect breeding birds.
Last May I stayed in Grafenau when I was on my way to Croatia. Also good http://www.hotel-zum-kellermann.de
Note that there will be a major reclassification of DM-summits.
Next time I will try the Czech side for accommodation.

73 and enjoy, Hans PB2T

Hi Hans!

Thank’s for your advice. You are right there is also possibility to visit in Czech side too. My best quess just now is that in middle July I (=read we) could be there. My assumption is that before August Hotels and Gasthouses are not so occupied. Perhapse some of OKmates knows situation in Czech side of border?

Does somebody know when the reclassification of DM-summits is ready and will be launched? There is so many summits in very small area that for me (=one point sotamate) all the summits are attractive and what the best there seems to be excellent nature and environment.

73, Saku OH2NOS

Expected February 2016, I can’t recall off-hand if it is 28-Feb-2016 or 1-Feb-2016.

I’m convinced the MT are fair enough to publish the new DM list after the 6/10 m challenge ended.

Sorry, can’t contribute anything ontopic as I’m absolutely not familiar with Bavaria.


Pre Tour de Bavaria is ongoing. We are enjoying of German hospitality. Tomorrow I will be on air with call DL0BM about between 10 to 11 UTC. More info from bands and frequencies in this place when I know more. Trying to chase those summits which are on air!

73, Saku OH2NOS

Ohh Glühwein and Mandelen, Nürnberger bratwurst, saurkraut and brezen - it’s easy to see you are in Bavaria Saku!

I think you mis-typed the callsign - DL0BM is the Bremen club, I’m pretty sure you mean DL0DM. Please pass my greetings to Alfred, DL8FA, if he’s there.

Enjoy operating the Deutsches Museum Station tomorrow - I’ll try to be on between 10 & 11 UTC if I can - it could just fit in between two trips I have to make.

I’m guessing you’ll get on 40m ? 7.118 SSB or are you only operating CW?

Weather looks OK for tomorrow as well.

73 Ed.

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Hi Saku,

It looks like the DM summits re-adjustment is scheduled for March 1st next year from this list:

73 Ed.

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Ed, you are right! I made typing error. Hopefully operating goes better!

73, Saku

First 40m, 7.118 and to 20m. about 14.285 and 14.062 kHz.
Let’s go!

Sorry Saku,
Got delayed getting back to the shack - gave DL0DM a call on 7.118 and 14.285 but too late I think.

Hope you had fun.

73 Ed.

Visit is behind. In contact meaning the visit was not successful, because at least I got two qsos only during one hour. One on 40 m to DL and another to G on 20 m. For some reason there was awful bottom noise and I could not hear any summits which where on air during the hour - chasers I heard well. The signal was well heard like RBN later pointed. But otherhand the visit was especial succesfull. I meat instead Alfred, Hans DF5UG as host. Hams are hams everywhere! As a reason for low level qsos Hans said that hammates are in X-mas shopping.

My wife took photos. In the first DL0DM is on air with operator OH2NOS and in the second you can see the antenna used. Feeding point is in the middle of picture. As extra: five Weichnachts Markts behind, several Glüehwein trunken and more than one meter different sausage eaten. Forward!

73, Saku OH2NOS

Plan for Tour de Bavaria 2016 continues, timeslot will be (if things go well) 9-15.7.2016. Target is to do about 20 summits depending on weather and other things. I have collect maps from DM/BM, OK/JC and OK/PL and selected 32 possible summits. Now I ask help from SOTAmates who have activated those. I would know if there is possible to park the car anywhere on the road or if there is some dedicated parking place? Behind the OneDrive link is accurate pictures from every selected summit.


Please, copy the picture and make red mark for the possible parking place and send it to me by email: oh2nos(at)sral.fi. This information helps me to make more detail planning for the summits.

Today my idea is to stay two first nights in Deggendorf and then go to Zelezna Ruda. Also I would know if between Zelezna Ruda and Cesky Krumlow would some nice place to stay for decreasing daily driving.

How are border formalities in Bayerisch Eisenstein to Zelezna Ruda and Philippsreut to Strazny? I suppose that border is open 24/7.

73, Saku OH2NOS

Dear Saku,

I have to check whether I can help you with the individual summits.

As both Germany and Czech Republik are part of the Schengen Area there are no border controls. You can pass the border 24/7 without any delay.

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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Could somebody help a bit? I am doing DM/OK visit in wk 28. My plan is activate summits in DM/BM, OK/PL and OK/JC areas depending on weather and other issues. Further idea is visit in Plzen and Budejovice introducing Czech beer and food culture if possible.

I am coming with my wife and our plan is stay two first nights in Deggendorf and after that we would stay in Zelena Ruda. I am going to minimize daily driving having accommodation close of summits if possible. Let me know where I could find information about Hotels and/or Gasthouses in the area between Philippsreuth and Zelnava? I suppose there I should be couple of nights.

I have looked about the number of activities on this area and have already made plans for daily activations. Close Zelnava is five 10 points summits: OK/JC-008, 009, 016, 017 and 032. Does somebody have any idea why they are so seldom activated even they seems to be easily reachable? Is that are forbidden or something else?

73, Saku OH2NOS

sorry saku i can’t give you very helpful information to your questions … but here are two links that may help you a bit:

detailed map of OK:

tourist info

have a nice stay in DL/OK … 73 de Martin, OE5REO

Tour the Bavaria & OK is closer, start from Finland is next Sunday morning. The plan A today is to go first to Deggendorf, activate couple of summits during Sunday and Monday. Then we are going shortly via Austria (one summit there) and stay somewhere close to Cesky Krumlov. From that area activate some summits and visit in Cesky Budejovice. Then we go norther close to Philippsreuth and then to Zelezna Ruda where activations as much as possible depending on whether and other limits. Then we are going to go to Plzen and from there to Karlovy Vary.

Plan B will be made if it is very hot and/or rainy. I am going to use 2,5W power for saving battery. Because I do not know how telecommunication networks are on those mountain areas I ask you put my spot to SOTAwatch if possible.

I made the new three band summit antenna (20-30-40m) and tested it yesterday from Jyranvuori (OH/JS-066). It works well and hopefully will give lot of contacts. My target is activate about 15 summits. I have maps for 20 but some of those I fore sure need to ignore, but let’s see.

For starting day is planned summits DM/BM-296 and DM/BM-013. Then I make daily based plan which I try to put to SOTAwatch beforehand. If somebody has any hints you can try to contact me by email: OH2NOS(at)sral(dot)fi.

73, Saku OH2NOS

Packing on process. Summits, I am coming! ;-D

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DL8DXL you seems to be right with prefix but done what done. I had in my head that I used call DM0DL in Deutsches Museum but memory made mistake, it was DL0DM. Tomorrow I will use DL isteat of DM.

73, Saku

Saw your spot at 14:42 UTC ut could not hear you - too close for the skip on 20m. 40m can be better for more local contacts.

And yes the call you use should be DL/home-call while in Germany not DM/.

The Deutsches Museum call is DL0DM as you say.

73 Ed DD5LP