Tough climb to Commedagh - GI/MM-002

It was a tough climb, especially from the point where you cross the Glen River up to the Mourne Wall. Walking up the wall to the summit is not too bad. I happened to pick the warmest day of the year to date which did not help. On the summit there was a light breeze which was very acceptable.

The scenery is quite splendid, although the heat produced a slight haze, even so the Isle of Man was visible. The following photo was taken at the saddle between Donard and Commedagh on the other side of the Mourne Wall.

This image is taken about a third of the way up Slieve Commedagh, looking down the Mourne Wall and towards Slieve Donard.

Activation from the summit, in total 17 QSOs on 2m FM and SSB.

And then the long descent, Newcastle in the distance…


Hi William
Once again nice photo’s and also good to see the Sotabeams MFD in use, I have one and they do work very well.
Cheers Ken

Great photos. We did 001 and 002 as a pair a few years ago. Opposite to you we found the Glen River Path easy, then the Mourne Wall up to Donard pretty tough. The climb from the saddle to Commeagh summit was easier than 001 though.

Two summits in the one day might be too much for me :wink: Walk slow stop often is my method!!

Yes I am well pleased with the MFD, my furtherest contact on 2M SSB was Wigan. HF was not playing ball on the day unfortunately.

We too did the Gen River Path and enjoyed it. I found ascending 001 beside the wall hard work and descending painful on the knees. As we separated at the col (so we could do s2s) the route down the NE spur of 002 was not really an option; it looks rather like a good route.


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We also did them as a pair a few years ago, and enjoyed the walk up the Glen River. We had intended to return down the spur from 002, but the clouds had descended so we retraced our steps down the glen instead. We love the Mournes and will have to visit again some time.