Tothill Range Activation VK5/SE-010

Thanks to all who answered my CQ Calls it was quite a hard walk up the rocky side of the range then I had to find my way through the rocks along the top for about a kilometre to make the Summit. I wished I had not done 70km on my bike in the morning before going out to activate. How can walking up a hill cause more pain than riding a bike its got me beat, my ankles scream out at me.
I had some bad luck with my phone the battery was flat for some reason so I could not renew any alerts to suit my day .I had lots of 40m QSO’s with VK stations on SSB, a CQ on CW resulted in zero on 40m. Thanks to VK3AFW for spotting my start time on 20m as not long after my QSY I had plenty of stations calling from Europe. Sorry my start time is a bit early for most of the EU stations but I have to be packed up and on the move before about 08.00 UTC as it would be dark on decent. Today it went quiet at about 07.00 and I could see some rain showers coming so I put my kx3 away before the rain.
One of my Squid poles collapsed turning the end fed into a inverted L didn’t seem to make a lot of difference people kept calling. On way home I detoured past the next Summit north of se-010 which looks pretty hard to get to so I need to negotiate with the land holder re access , so its on the to do list.
many thanks Just got the log to fill in now …
Ian vk5cz

In reply to VK5CZ:

Hi Ian;

Thanks for my first SOTA VK contact this morning.

I had just finished working EO5JFF/P in the Ukraine when I noticed your spot, I moved the receiver to 14 063 not expecting to hear anything so laid the phones on the desk and almost fell out of my chair when I heard you come up calling CQ.

You were an outstanding signal here peaking up to 559 at times with QSB down to S2, the rf god’s must have been shining on me for a change :slight_smile:

Thanks once again and look forward to another sometime.

73 de Ken G3XQE

In reply to G3XQE:
ok Mate well I’ve made QSO’s to UK before on QRP CW up as high as 10m .
I was using a kx3 at full power to a 20/40 par end fed with a 5m quid pole either end and a 8m squid pole in middle just before the 20m tuning stub.
Man my body is trashed now I am quite sore from all that action in one day.
I am giving my BOB trailer a run Easter Monday behind MTB to try to get a better aprs signal from the mobile whip on my trailer. Planning a bike tour later in April after vintage.
Ian vk5cz …

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Hi again Ian;

Well I am operating from a 10m X 10m back yard in the city using one of those Comet Vee trap dipoles on top of a 6m tv ant. mast, I have never heard a VK SOTA station before on 20m and the antenna is not exactly good for dx hence my suprise and also the lack of the usual EU pileup even at this time.
I guess everyone was having a lie in as the clocks moved forward an hour here in EU last night.

Thanks once again for the contact Ian.

73 de Ken G3XQE