Both myself and Peter (M1BZJ) intend to activate NW-040 Tal-Y-Fan on sunday the 6th May. This will bring up my 100 activator points. It would be nice to try to get there by breaking my qso count for a summit (which currently stands at 73). Ok so these are not huge milestones, but its something to aim for. I will probably be exclusively on VHF/UHF ssb/fm but if 6m or 10m is open then who knows.

M1BZJ will also be active although not sure on bands as yet.

Hopefully the weather will hold out and we can do a maraton session :slight_smile:


Nice one Ian. Will be looking for 2m FM summit-to-summit contacts from Great Coum and Whernside. Remember to beam North East! (Which I guess you will as that will take you straight through “Granadaland” from NW-040).

In reply to M1EYP:

I’ll certainly be looking out for any sts. And both you and Jimmy will add to the count :-).

The current forecast isnt brilliant, but last time I was up there it was appalling weather so I guess we can handle it.
The beach shelter may have to be deployed. I dont think its ever seen a real beach!


I must remember to put a subject to the post next time.

In reply to G7ADF:

Hopefully we will get you on an S2S from Yarlside G/NP-019 so there is two more. Look for Helen GW7AAU as she will probably be doing most of the two metres, going by our last outing.

Regards Steve GW7AAV