Top O'Selside - Lake District Winter WX

Tomorrow is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere. Here in the Lake District that means sunrise at 08:31 and sunset at 15:48. WX was rain showers all day with SW winds up to 35 knots. Setting of the temperature was 3 degC.

Top O’Selside is a 1 point summit on the South East end of Coniston Water.

Top o’Selside

Gloomy start

My ascent today to Top o’Selside G/LD-048 from High Nibthwaite was via a permitted right of way for vehicles. Today I saw 6 off road landrovers from a local company Kankku who are based out of my home town Windermere. There is a lot of opposition to 4x4 use in the Lake District. Personally I don’t have a problem with this kind of activity, as long as the companies are sympathetic to their access. I was lucky enough to have a chat with a local from High Nibthwaite on the way up and he said Kankku has made a number of repairs to the track, and since last time I was here a couple of years ago the path had definitely been improved in a number of places.

Plenty of water coming off the fells at the moment!

The walk in is around 30 minutes. For Wainwright baggers this is a good spot with four up for grabs including Top o’Selside but having got local advice I decided to stick to the path today. The fellside was absolutely water logged, and the path down from Top o’Selside to the other Wainwrights would have been difficult, to say the least. Views were good to the West, taking in the Coniston Fells with Harter Fell poking up proudly to the left.

Path that skirts Top o’Selside to the west

Junction leading to the summit

Modest cairnstone pile

Summit Selfie!

I setup for HF on the leeward side of the small pile of summit Cairnstones. With the wind around 20 knots it was a struggle getting the 10m compact travel mast to stay upright. At times I looked up and it was really bending some. I’m amazed this pole has survived all the action it has seen.

HF Equipment, FT-817 barefoot

Challenging conditions for the SOTABeams 10m compact travel pole

Good phone signal here so no phone dance required. My initial spot on 80m was met with an enthusiastic response and solid 59s showing both the setup and band conditions were in good shape.

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
10:32 G4OBK 3.5MHz SSB
10:36 G0FEX 3.5MHz SSB
10:37 GI0AZA 3.5MHz SSB OP: Esther
10:38 G0LWU 3.5MHz SSB OP: Andrew
10:41 GM7NZI 3.5MHz SSB
10:42 ON4CB 3.5MHz SSB
10:42 G4WSB 3.5MHz SSB OP: Bill
10:43 GM4WHA 3.5MHz SSB
10:43 MM0XPZ 3.5MHz SSB OP: Steve QTH: Greenock
10:44 GI0AZB 3.5MHz SSB OP: Ian
10:44 2E0FEH 3.5MHz SSB QTH: Cornwall
10:45 G8MIA 3.5MHz SSB
10:46 MM0KCS 3.5MHz SSB OP: Mike QTH: Edinburgh

Reclipping for 40m brought in another healthy list of chasers:

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
10:50 F5JKK 7MHz SSB
10:51 ON2LVC 7MHz SSB
10:51 2E0FEH 7MHz SSB
10:51 ON4CB 7MHz SSB
10:52 SQ2RBY/P 7MHz SSB
10:53 HB9DHA 7MHz SSB
10:54 ON4FI/P 7MHz SSB
10:54 F4WBN 7MHz SSB
10:55 EA2CKX 7MHz SSB
10:55 EA1DFP 7MHz SSB
10:56 F5IET 7MHz SSB
10:56 PH20XMAS 7MHz SSB
10:57 EA1DHB 7MHz SSB
10:57 F5LKW 7MHz SSB
10:58 DL1GKC 7MHz SSB
10:58 SA4BLM 7MHz SSB
10:59 DL2EF 7MHz SSB
10:59 F6FTB 7MHz SSB
10:59 G0VWP 7MHz SSB
11:00 ON2OY 7MHz SSB
11:00 PA2DRE 7MHz SSB
11:01 G0RQL 7MHz SSB

20m was a little less manic and it was great to get two S2S contacts with @SP9MA/P on OM/ZA-045 and then SQ9BQW/P on SP/BZ-048. Once contacts had dried up I did a little SaP for a couple of additional S2S QSOs.

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
11:05 EA7GV 14MHz SSB
11:05 EA3BP 14MHz SSB
11:05 EA5K 14MHz SSB
11:06 EA2DT 14MHz SSB
11:07 SV2SOQ 14MHz SSB
11:08 SQ2RBY/P 14MHz SSB
11:09 EA3GRW 14MHz SSB
11:10 SQ9MDF 14MHz SSB
11:11 OM/SP9MA/P 14MHz SSB SOTA: OM/ZA-045
11:12 SQ9BQW/P 14MHz SSB SOTA: SP/BZ-048
11:12 DJ2MX 14MHz SSB
11:13 S57ILF 14MHz SSB
11:13 EU2MM 14MHz SSB
11:14 CT2IXX 14MHz SSB
Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
11:20 HB9CYV/P 7MHz SSB SOTA: HB/ZG-002
11:26 HB9GUF/P 14MHz SSB SOTA: HB/AI-008 RIG: KX2 PWR: 10W

By this time the weather had really set in - the wind had picked up and it started raining. I did a quick 2m activation after I’d donned my waterproofs but standing by the cairnstone pile was really doing me no good and I had to quit earlier than I really wanted to.

Time Callsign Band Mode Notes
11:33 G6LKB 144MHz FM
11:33 G1OHH 144MHz FM

The Lake District Winter look

The Old Man wearing his wooly hat

View to the South

Thanks to all the chasers. I thought I was close to 1/2 mountain goat. I’m now at 496 points so hopefully there will be another break in the weather or two before the end of the year to ‘seal the deal’.

More photos here!

If you had a QSO with me today on HF it will be in one of these three audio files:

Merry Christmas! 73, Mark.


Nice photos and a great report.

I heard HB9GUF working you (he had a great signal) , just after I made contact with him myself, but must have missed you when you were on 80m.

Quite changeable weather today, for around an hour this morning we had clear blue sky, but it quickly deteriorated to hail.

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Hi Mark

Well I really messed things up today…you’d been and gone by the time I checked the spots. It was a case of ‘if you snooze you lose’ :grin:

Nevertheless, thank you for the report and photos which took me back to your LD get-together and the activation of that one with Paul HB9DST…great event.

73…stay safe and Happy Christmas in an ever changing situation.


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Hi Mark,

Thanks a lot for S2S QSO.
Below is view from OM/ZA-045 to E-SE direction - Tatra Mountains in the background.

73, Jarek


Thanks for the photo Jarek, always good to see the location from the other side of the QSO. I’ve added audio files for all the HF QSOs to the end of my post, and a link to more photos.

Here’s to the next S2S soon!
Kind regards, Mark.

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Sorry we missed the QSO today @GW4VPX Allan - it was a shame about the 2m activation but with the rain/hail in my face at the summit, and no realistic possibility of keeping the SlimJ aloft it was literally a 2 minute affair. Apologies to anyone who was waiting. Hope you understand!
Regards, Mark. M0NOM


Hi Mark,
Tnx a lot, nice copy of me, it was great day today :wink:
73, Jarek

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