Top band activation of OK/ST-021 on 30th March 2019

Hello all,
I would like to let you know that Radek OK1MRK and I intend to activate OK/ST-021 Krušná hora on 160 meters this Saturday.

I will operate on CW with 5 to 10 watts while Radek will do his best on SSB with some 50 watts. There is a wooden observing tower on top of the mountain, which we want to use as a support for full-size inverted V antenna. I suppose we will be QRV from 1800z or so. (Local sunset is at 1732z.) We will send a spot to SOTAwatch when we are ready.

We are well aware there is CQ WPX SSB Contest this weekend. It will be interesting to see if it is possible to make some SSB contacts outside the contest. This is our very first attempt to activate a summit on top band and to be honest we know little what to expect, HI.

Any call will be more that welcome. CU on top band!


P.S. Prior this activation we plan to activate OK/ST-103 Veliz at about 1400z on 40 meters (CW) and 20 meters or 17 meters (SSB).


Hi Jan!

Very interesting activation and very rare!!!Be sure that if we hear you, we will respond. The main problem is that not many OPs have antenna for 160 m, but he who dares wins. Good luck and I try to CU on air!!!

73 Christos.

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Hi Jan!
Martino IU2IJW and I were listening on 160mt from I/LO-294, we heard you on 1.828. Cw antenna was a 30meter wire with coil.
we couldn’t try to contact you because the italian band plan start from 1.830 cw and end to 1.850 ssb.
our antenna system was not optimal, you probably would not have heard us.
However you arrived with good signal 439 579.

I hope to contact you next time!

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