Top band activation of Normanby top

Decided to try something a little different today a 160m activation of G/TW005 Normanby top,never used T.B before so after consructing a simple end fed longwire 70ft wire wound on a length of p.v.c drain pipe with 70ft left to peg out it was on my way to the Lincolnshire wolds an easy 20mile drive.On arrival before it got dark I erected the antenna on a fishing pole and tuned up the 897 with about 50w at 1630 calling cq Tony 2E0OZQ just down the road in Grimsby answered but he was the only one for about 10 minutes and things looked about as bleak as the raw biting wind up there when Carolyn G6WRW and Helen M0YHB arrived in the nick of time and saved the day by spotting me also thanks to Mike G6TUH for the spot and cheers to the other chasers Don G0RQL,Marco OH9XX,Dave G4OER.The frequency I chose wasnt the best with a lot of QRM so I was pleased with the 7 contacts.Enjoyed the activation but you do get some funny looks from the odd passer by talking into a microphone in the dark! 73, Dave G7CNM