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Top 20 Activators worldwide for 2017

Very impressive numbers for 2017, congratulations to all and happy 2018.

KE5AKL, Michael, took the all modes “crown” this year with a pack of hungry European stations not far behind. 7 MGs for 2017 in multiple modes… 6 had enough to reach 1000 points in CW only while SP9MA combined CW & FM to go over the 1k mark.

Overall CW activators lead the stats, with 6 of them reaching MG in a single year!
KE5AKL leading the stats in that category as expected as well.

SSB activators coming in strong as well but nobody making MG in a single year in 2017.
F4EGG, Thierry, came in first for 2017 with SY2BIK, Stavros, hot on his tail only 12 points behind.

FM was a surprise (at least to me) with the top activator almost making it to MG in a single year. JP3OSW reached 927 points with 209 summits!





Some very impressive numbers all around. May 2018 be another enjoyable activating / chasing year for everybody!



Big congrats to winners !

Thank you Arnaud for this info which discovered some surprise (I have not checked it myself before):
73% of my QSOs were on CW what given me 8th place,
at the same time only 23% of my QSOs were on FM and were enough to give me 4th place :wink:


Jarek, SP9MA

Congrats to Big Mike (KE5AKL) for a truly impressive result in each and every respect.
Good luck to all my SOTA fellas in 2018.

Most logged activations in a day during 2017

11/03/2017 249
10/06/2017 239
05/08/2017 231
03/06/2017 226
30/09/2017 225
15/10/2017 220
26/08/2017 220
25/03/2017 215
17/06/2017 215
30/04/2017 214

Least logged activations in a day during 2017

23/10/2017 17
30/11/2017 17
31/01/2017 19
28/02/2017 20
27/11/2017 21
11/12/2017 21
13/02/2017 23
12/12/2017 23
07/03/2017 23
06/03/2017 24

Most logged chases in a day during 2017

10/06/2017 3378
05/08/2017 2426
21/10/2017 2348
14/10/2017 2299
26/08/2017 2227
15/10/2017 2213
11/03/2017 2200
30/09/2017 2177
25/08/2017 2035
11/06/2017 1950

Least logged chases in a day during 2017

23/12/2017 13
30/11/2017 117
13/02/2017 176
28/02/2017 187
23/10/2017 194
11/12/2017 233
10/01/2017 234
13/01/2017 236
22/12/2017 251
06/06/2017 253

n.b. UK date format i.e. 10/01/2017 is 10th January 2017

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Blimey… you’ve made me go and look.

34th overall for me… but highest activator total (629) in “all G” land. That’ll never happen again I suspect. I had 2 months in the camper van around Europe with a LOT of 10 and 8 pointers in FL/VO and DM/BW where the pickings are relatively easy.

If I took that lot out then it’d be much reduced.

Anyway, not complaining - a great year of SOTA.

I :heart_eyes:this hobby!

Thanks to all the chasers, my fellow activators for S2S and to the “backroom” people who keep it all going with databases, summit lists, forums, awards and the like.

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And thank you especially Gerald for lots of chaser QSOs when you were in EU and the GPX tracks you share with our community on the SOTA Mapping Project which I make good use of.

I’d like to go to the FL/VO area this year myself, unfortunatly it won’t be for a 2 month stint!

Happy New Year! :wine_glass:


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I’ll be in FL/VO in the Summer Phil. The pictures of the place look great. I have no definitive plans yet other than FL/VO but I’ll see if I can do different summits to Gerald to give you more complete options!

Great stuff Andy - I need to chase around 60 of the FL/VO region out of the 153 qualifying summits to chase them all, as an activator I need to go there. If we have another summer of extreme interest in the region we are sure to get a few more ticked off… If you look at the list of what has been activated it is the 4, the 2 and (single) 1 pointers that have had little or no attention.

So if you are an activator that wants to get their “name in lights” in perpetuity as First Activator get yourself to the Vosges Region!

73 Phil

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Exactly Phil, the next generation of SOTA activators will also be thrilled to see these entries :wink:

Happy New Year!

73, Heinz