Tomorrow F6HBI/P on the air

Hello all,
Depending on the Wx tomorrow 30 Mai 2012.
Frequency CW 7.032, 10.122 starting around 08:30Utc +/-

FFF-388 pour le Parc Naturel des Préalpes de Grasse
F/AM-482, F/AM-487, F/AM-488, F/AM-551

73’s de Gérald F6HBI

In reply to F6HBI:
Hello Folks,
The walk to F/AM-482 was very hard (no path, just climbing rocks), and it took me longer than i had plan to reach the summit. I by-passed the two nearest summit and went to F/AM-551. Here it was no room for the dipole, because of the heavy forest all over. I tried to set the Whip antenna with two radial…
(robish!!!) so i put the dipole in between two trees, the signals were week but i could made few qso. I had to get down very fast because of the Wx was getting bad, some rain and thunderstorm. I reached the car ok, in good shape (!) so i will be again on the air very soon from another summit.
Thanks to all, Gérald