Tom W1PTS 2xGoat

Congrats to Tom W1PTS - he made 2xGoat and Sloth on the same day on Feb 17 up on North Eaglesnest. Well done Tom!
Scott kw4jm


Congrats Tom!
Ralph, W4RRJ

Congratulations Tom! Always a pleasure to work you on the summits.
de John Paul // AB4PP

Tom, N2YTF

Congrats, Tom, and thanks for all our SOTA QSOs.
I’ll keep looking forward to chasing you in the future.


Congratulations Tom! Bob AC1Z

Congratulations Tom! Thank you for all the summits and look forward to working you on many more.

Derek, WF4I

Congratulations Tom on MG #2.
Thanks for all your activations and the chaser points for me. 118 times in my log. You have tutored quite a group of Goats.
Gary K3TCU

Well done Tom! Baaahhh!!
Mike NS1TA

Congrats Tom! Thought that flurry of recent activity showed symptoms of Goat Fever!
Best, Ken

Way to go Tom…congratulations on another outstanding record. And thanks for all the mentoring you’ve done helping aspiring goats up the mountain.
Chip K2KJD

Congratulations Tom on 2X!

Congrats Tom!


Congratulations Tom on your double goat. Usually work you on 60 meters. . Keep up the sota activations. 73 de Scotty KG3W

Congratulations Tom and thanks for all the contacts!

73, Walt

Congratulations Tom thanks for all the summits i’ve worked you on keep it up

Bob KU4R

Congratulations Tom!

Keith KR7RK

Congrats Tom ! :goat::goat: Hiking and radio well done! 73 Karen

Congratulations Tom. Great achievement.

Congratulations Tom! That’s quite an achievement. It’s always a pleasure to chase you.