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Todays activations


Morning all , will be activating brendon hill in Gloucestershire today arpund noon on 145.500 and possibly another one in Gloucestershire.

73 Matt 2E0FGX


Are you setting up an alert? Not everyone reads the reflector.


I will be just got here in the car , trafgic was awfull .
73Matt 2E0FGX


The message between the lines was: Please use sotawatch alerts just like everyone else to announce your time and summit.

73 Joe


Yes Joe , did that twice today for both summits and think others said they would spot me as well .

73 matt 2E0FGX


What I saw were mistimed spots and not Alerts.


I must admit second one i was 10 minuties late , i was having a coax issue . but the 1st one should of been correct … probally best to spot myself when all set up as we know problems can ocour .

73 matt 2E0FGX


Hi Matt,

A bit of confusion, I think. Spots and Alerts are not the same thing!

See screen shot below, taken just now. The top part is where Spots pop up, and should really only appear once the activator is on the air.

The lower part “Upcoming Activations” is where alerts should be - it is a good idea to post an alert the day before you head out for a summit.

Sorry if you have already sussed that, but I missed the point when I started out… :smile:



Rod , I have just looked and i was spotted erlier by M0TVU (paul) on my 1st summit , not used the Alert yet , I will give it a go next activation , just getting the of this my second weekend activating . Also i notice the time on sotawatch is 1 hour out to GMT .

Matt 2E0FGX


Thanks , i have just sussed that out a minuite ago … its a learning curve .

Was a great day for it even though i took the hard route upto bredon hill … not dont park Elmley Castle side !

Matt 2E0FGX


I don’t think this is true, Matt. Has your computer/phone been corrected to BST?

The Spot I was confused by was at 14:20 apparently intended for 15:40.

Perhaps Adrian’s post makes it all a bit more clear.


We use the Elmley Castle route as there is plenty of room for parking in the village and we don’t mind an extra km or two on a decent day. The Wychavon Way from Ashton is a lovely route on a good day.
Glad you had a good day out; I was gardening when not chasing - I find the two activities a bit incompatible.
Good luck on the next one.


yes plently of parking up that side and a nice walk , even the cattle with the calfs seemed friendly but my dog was not keen on them .

Im not sure what is going on with my timing … im going to do a test spot from my phone and one from my phone via the browser and see what happens .

Matt 2E0FGX


Posting that I am leaving in a couple of hours to start the hike is not a “spot”. Saying I am on the summit and should be on the air in a FEW MINUTES, to me, seem fair enough to call it a spot.


I spotted myself elier today when i was activing the summit . But i did not check if it went through or not .

Matt 2E0FGX


1108 - still visible if you look down the display.


I think you are still getting times mixed up. Today’s alert was for 08.30. This should be UTC (GMT) in all cases. You then state in text that it’s 09.30 GMT. This should read BST. 09.30 GMT is 10.30 current UK clock time.


Yes i was at the moment in uk we are 1 hour ahead of utc when clocks go back we will bd back on with utc .

Matt 2E0FGX


Can i have some clarification please ?

I summited a altert for 08:30 utc which in theory was 09:30 gmt as i thought we are in summer hours so we are ahead by 1 hour untill the clocks change again , even looked on internet and i was right clocks on uk summertime are +1 hour .

Matt 2E0FGX


GMT is in effect identical to UTC and is never the same as BST.

UK clock time is either GMT, in winter, or BST in summer so your Alert would have been for 08:30 UTC, 08:30 GMT or 09:30 BST. Hope this clarifies OK.

It must have been a bit breezy up on top; bad enough here with a length of fence blown out.