Todays activation of LA/ST-206

Today i activated Langåsen, LA/ST-206. On my map, i had noted 205, so when i self-spotted, i wrote LA/ST-205.
So if you want it correct in your log, change the sota ref to LA/ST-206.
Guess im not the first, and not the last…

Anyway, i had a great hike up to the summit, -8 celsius, blue sky, and just a little wind. The last days we had 0,5 meters of snow, so walking outside the prepped cross-country trail, was a bit of a struggle.
I had planned my route to the summit during the lunch today. Start at the parking at the start of the ski-trail, and following the trail about two kilometers, before it was me and the deep snow, on the way up to the summit.
When i was halfway between where i left the ski-trail, and the summit, i noticed a ski-trail that i never had seen before. Guess what, it passed the summit, just 200meters away, and only 36 meters lower than the summit!
The rest of the skiing to the summit was easy.

On the top, i quickly got my grp-mini mast up, with my linked dipole set for 20m, my “reach the chasers in UK and rest of EU band”.
As normal, after a self spot(with the wrong ref…), the chasers was there 2 seconds later.
Stations worked today, was mostly the normal group of european chasers, but i got N4EX, as today bonus.
When the chasers was worked, and mye fingers was freezing, i qucikly packed the gear, and did the fun part of getting to a summit on skies, skiing downhill!

Great day, great wx, and great getting some new summits to LA/ST

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Log corrected.
Many thanks for the activation Erik, glad you enjoyed it.

73 de Ken G3XQE

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Hello Erik, thanks for the correction and the summit.

You are very lucky you have so many summits to choose from :sunglasses:

Best wishes
Mike G6TUH

Thanks Erik for the activation and the log correction. 73 Don G0RQL.

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Many thanks Erik. I corrected my log accordingly.
vy 73’s Hans, HB9BHW

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Log corrected Erik,Many thanks for summit unique, especially in winter conditions. 73s Bob G6ODU

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Hopefully i will have some days off in two weeks, thats sota-time:), more uniques!
Just forget about the car that needs a new windscreen, and the other million tings that i should do…