Todays act. DM/BW-031

Hi all,
home now again from my daily sota ;-)) ok,not daily but if times allows i go sota.´now i have finished wid antenna test´s with big antennas,next i will try with shorter wires.the best antenna for me is the 41m the conds wasn´t vy good,but i managed with the wire and 5 - 10watt 42 qso´s on shortwave in abt. 60min.if 40m poor , give 30m a try.mni chasers from uk are workable on 30m in cw .today the first station from EA called me today on 30m.EA1JD comes with 579,fb.Chasers in ssb on 40m are also there with good signals on the longwire.yesterday evening i made a little mod on my microphone from the homebrew trx,because a few stations says that my modulations sound a bit dark/bassy.hope today the mod was better.tmrw i will go also in the black-forest agn to do a little bit sota if time allows :wink:
thanks all who called in today…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN

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Hi Klaus
Mni tnx for another new SOTA today. Yes, your 41m LW is a very good antenna for sigs on 30 and 40m - always loud here, but today louder than usual on 30m.
Also heard your QSO with EA1JD (maybe SOTA EA soon?!).
Hope CU TMW!
73 de CRIS

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TNX for the 30m QSO today Klaus. The 41m long wire always gives good signals to me on 10m (usually 579) and I hear you about 559 on 40m. It will be interesting to see how shorter antennas perform. 30m seems to bring you in well whatever the antenna.

Hope CU tomorrow


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Tnx for the 40m QSO again today Klaus. Have just checked back through the log and over the past month you have consistantly been the strongest signal out of the DM Association. Long may you keep up the good signals especially from the 8 & 10 pointers :-)))

73 Glyn…GM4CFS

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Thanks for another new summit today Klaus. Your antenna was very good on 30m 579. On 40m you were 559. Vy poor hf condx today, I did a sota activation on gw/nw-062 this afternoon, 5w and dipole, but only one cw qso on 7.032 wid Gerd DL4FCK, plenty of UK stns on 60m ssb, but wid poor cndx, lots of storm/static crashes killing propagation.
Will listen for you again tmrw.

vy 73