Today on DM/BW-032 es 36

Hi all,
today there was totally different conds from one to the other summit in abt. 2,5hours.first i was on DM/BW-032"Feuerberg" and began on 80m-cw.mni stations calls me there and also on 30m mni chasers.also one qso with SM , LA and not to forget LY.LY2FE who reached a while before ss-stat. comes with big sigs with his qrp.40m working also good.on 40m-ssb a little pile-up starts after the first cq ;-).Also a nice thing was,that G0WTT Paul works me first time.First in qrs-cw and after on ssb again.Thank´s… on the second summit BW-036"Tenneberg" conds seems to be down after the first call´s on 80m.ok,i think,its in the afternoon and no good time for i qsy´ed to 30m and after the first cq roy G4SSH comes back,but not vy loud,not the same strenght at on the first summit.the second station who comes back to my cq was RA1OD then.That shows that propagation must be changed,hi.but everytime it´s new interresting for me , where my qrp-cw-sigs are rx´ed ;-).the strongest sigs today are from G4OBK and F8BBL with really big signals.after only 9 qso´s on 40m-cw , due to the cw-contest i think,i qsy´ed to ssb and worked some chaseres on 7068 es 7092khc.after i go back to cw and calls again cq sota,but after the first takers want to give me 599 and numbers i break up and go down the summit.56 qso´s on BW-32 and 30 qso´s on BW-36.on both summits i used 5 to 10watt and endfeeded inv.V. abt 30m long.but all in all i have a nice day with a lot of sunshine,sota and a nice walk in a beautyful landscape.loaded some pictures to flick´r …

vy 73 and hpe cu on the next summits…

Klaus DF2GN

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Hi Klaus

I think that conditions are poor from around local midday at this time of year as the D layer gets very ionised and absorbs signals up to quite high frequencies. Radio conditions are also slightly disturbed which can result in a short enhancement followed by a longer period of poor propagation. This makes antenna testing a rather hit and miss affair! As you say, the afternoons are worst.



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Hi Klaus.

On your first SOTA, BW-032, you were 559 to me on 30m and 549 on 40m. Just an odd S-point down on yesterday’s antenna.

I cannot give you an accurate report from BW-036 because I was at the QTH of a colleague and using only about 10w, but we made the QSO on 30m

Conditions on 40m were very poor today at this QTH. Due to QSB and QRN you were the only SOTA station I heard on this band.


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hello es thanks for the report Roy.its a pleasure for me to hear your call
mostly everytime after my first short cq on 30m.tnx ´s :wink:
And Ric,yes i know , a right antenna test is only possible if you build the antennas side by side and switch the antennas in the qso.i plan to do such a test in future with Ralf DH3IAJ.We will build a few antennas on a summit (a short vertical,dipole and a longwire 40 and 60m and test the antennas then. and your right with the propagation,the best time for activating in eu this time is the time from 0800 to 1100 utc.after 1200utc it was very difficult to work on 40m/30m.mmmhhhh, i think about a late afternoon/evening activation on 80m next days.but the antenna test i do , are to find what antenna plays also by bad propagation.and that are not the little ones :frowning: . A good antenna for distances in the range from 500-1500km ( ha/g/ei/f etc. ) is a dipole or longwire from abt. 40m lenght . but the antenna must be only 4 to 6 meters over the ground,not gud dx with this antenna,but vy good for low distances due to the high angle rad. .

The other thing is, that i deleted most of my activities in june.think its no more possible for me to do more as 3 summits per day,hi.mni new chasers on the bands results mostly in little pile-up´s.and i like it so much ;-).the tour last year i made with only 40m-cw,and then it´s no problem for hop from one to the other summit :wink: but what´s with the chasers specialy on 80m ? and 30m ? ssb ? etc…i think i have a little break in my sota since a few weeks.not the summits counts,the qso-rate is now more important for me. i wan´t to reach most chasers as possible.and if its possible i will build on the summits my long antennas.and the other side from sota i see today . i don´t activate a third summit,no,i walked a little bit more in the summits,sit a while on the top,relaxing , making photos , enjoy the fresh air and so on …yes, i like sota ! sota is fun…

vy 73 Klaus DF2GN