TODAY: 2nd Ever Activation of OE/TI-249 Kemacher, 2480 m, 10 Points

Dear all:

I will be trying OE/TI-249 Kemacher, 2480 m near Innsbruck tomorrow (August 1, 2017). It is a 10-pointer and has so far only been activated once (by DM1LE) and that four years ago.

My callsign will be OE/DK3IT/P.

It is hard to predict the exact time of being QRV on the summit, but I guess it will be ca. 11:00 UTC. But it can be one hour earlier or 2.5 hrs later.

The activation will be CW-only, starting at 7.032 +/- and maybe 10.118 and 14.060 if time permits.

I would be happy if you chased me, and I kindly ask for your support:

  1. Please, please QRS 10 - 14 WPM, since I am still a CW newbie. My first 1 - 2 CQ calls will be at 16 WPM at the limits of my reading ability (ok for callsigns, beyond my league for rag-chewing), because RBN spots faster and more reliably at 16 WPM upwards.

  2. Please spot me if you hear me.

  3. Please give your callsign at least twice.

  4. Please try to use rubber-stamp QSO, because my time on the summit will be very limited.

Because I am in company, I will at max have ca. 30 minutes for the activation. I will be carrying an APRS handheld with me, so you should be able to monitor my path at The APRS SSID will be DK3IT-7, - live APRS map.

Thanks for your support!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Sorry, I had to turn around and cancel the plan. My 10-year old company did not want to proceed at some point, and it was wiser to give in than to spoil a potential love for the mountains in the long run.

I will very likely activate the summit later this year.



You tried!

And the long run is always worthwhile. :slight_smile:

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS/CU3HF

Thanks, Pedro and all others for your understanding & the likes!
The first passage of the via ferrata to the Kemacher summit is designed to be a kind reminder that this is no-sneakers terrain :wink: I have done this climb quite a couple of times before, because I used to live in Innsbruck, and never found the part too difficult, but the distance between the steps of this first part was just too large for a kid, so we had to turn around.

As said, I will surely activate this summit again as soon as time permits and will post details here some days ahead of the actual trip.

Again, thanks for this great SOTA community!

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Here is a picture of that part:


Well done indeed.

Very pleased to see the old ~ via ferrata ~ route still working.

Best wishes.
Night night,

Dear all:
With today’s nice weather forecast and a free Sunday, I will give it another try today!

I plan to be QRV on Kemacher, OE/TI-249, by 11:30. Since I will be solo, I should have time for a reasonable amount of time for the activation, so none of my recent super-hasty ones.

Callsign will be OE/DK3IT/P. The alert is already out.

The activation will be CW-only with my TinySOTA box and either @HB9BCB 's 3-band EFHW with traps or my SOTA Vertical with a T1 tuner for fast matching.

I will start calling on 7.031 or 7.002 ± depending on where I find a clear frequency. Very likely, there will be time for a quick try on 30m and 20m (10.118 and 14.060 ±).


  • QRS 12 wpm
  • spot me when you hear me.

Thanks for chasing!

73 de Martin, DK3IT


OK Martin, thanks for the update. We’ll look out for you on 40m.
Take care when climbing
Vy 73

will be ca 1 hr late, expected to be qrv by 13:00 utc

Just fine, my rest will be over.

hi all, i am back safe and sound and the activation was a success! thanks to all chasers! the highlight was a dx qso with n4ex on 20m.
73 de martin

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Nice ! so you did it this time. :sunglasses:
yes conditions on 20m across atlantic ocean seem to be good today on 20m and up.