To the OH? calling DL/KD5KC on30m-CW at DM/BM-241.

To the OH??? station calling DL/KD5KC on DM/BM-241 on 30m-CW, I am sorry. After several tries I was unable to get your call sign because many other stations would not wait for their turn.

I do not remember European CW operators being this unruly. But I have been gone for 3 years, perhaps things have changed.

To the stations who would not wait, I have made a list of your call signs. I may reply to you in order to get you to go away, but you will not be in the log I upload.

Greetings to all.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC.
Strahlungen, Germany. JO50cg.


Thanks for sharing.

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Yes, unfortunately things have changed a bit, your feeling is not so wrong. But this is not a real misfortune.

In such cases, the ball is solely in the activator’s hands, but not in the form of homework, hi.

It’s very simple, the activator insisting long enough for the first (most impatient) chasers to change their hats and become your supporters. Then it usually goes very quickly.


A: OH? bk

A: [wait until it gets quiet then OH? bk]*

(asterisk stands for repetition, usually 3-4 times)

Try it, it works (if OH? still hears you…)

73, Heinz


Thank you Heinz. I tried that 3 times. The third time I actually waited until the frequency fell totally quiet, no more callers. Then I called for the OH??? a 4th time, and the same stations began calling once more. It was cold and windy with light rain (very much NOT like El Paso), and I did not feel like continuing. So I went to 17m-SSB and it was much more orderly.

This will not spoil my fun. I am only sorry for the OH? that did not get the contact.

Vy73 – Mike – DL/KD5KC.

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Understood Mike.
So the reason for this must be that you, with your somewhat unusual activator call, have been a very special trouvaille for many chasers, hi.

73 and have fun

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