To the North and sun

last sunday
I have only 1 North Wales and 1 South Wales 8 pointer plus to do this year, so with the WX looking bad last weekend I decided not to go climbing one of these. They will be there another time when the WX is better. I still wanted to go somewhere so I looked north to the lakes as the WX looked well on the Sunday. I have only been to the Lakes twice to climb, and enjoyed the experience. Shame it’s a long drive from home in Staffordshire.
I awoke from sleep at 4 am and left the house at 5 am travelling on the A50 to Stoke on Trent and then onto the M6. I broke the journey to my ultimate goal G/LD-003, by stopping off to activate G/LD-046 on the way. This summit is very close to the M6 and only 2 minutes from the junction. Dawn had broken as I parked near the quarry entrance. I could see the path sign and geared up for the walk. 20 minutes and I was setting up at the summit, WX was fine but still a little overcast with a stiff breeze. Once the sheep had moved out of the way there was plenty of room for me and my equipment on the grassy summit. From here you can watch the traffic on the M6 with ease and the wind turbines near by.
As usual I set my linked dipole for the 60-meter band and settled down to operate. After a couple of calls G0PEB replied, my first contact of the day. It is always good to get the first contact, as then you know all is working ok and the trip is not for nothing.
This was at 0738 and he spotted me on the sota watch. Then the long silence began, with many more calls no reply. I tried then my luck on 80-meters, I could hear many stations very well but could not find a spot to call near 3.666. so back to 60-meters and trust to luck. 0807 and G4ELZ replied to my CQ. Then G0RQL and G0BPU gave me my 4 contacts needed to qualify the summit; I was thinking I would be there all day. Then the surprise of the day for me as I heard OZ1KGV call in. I was not aware Denmark were QRV on 60-meters and first thought was do I reply. I thought he must know what he is doing and so my first contact on 60-meters with OZ land was made. No more calls where coming in to my station so I packed up and made back to the car.
After about a 45-minuet drive we parked up at the start of the way to G/LD-003. This path way took me through a forest at first before braking out onto the lower slopes. The path was well used and even I did not get lost. Now the sun was well out and it was a beautiful day to behold. As normal I stopped a few times to take in the views and take on board light refreshments, arriving at the summit at 1145. After a kind chap took my photo for me and as I was setting up the station I heard M3WJZ/P on G/SP-007. Quickly grabbing my hand held I got my one and only summit to summit contact of the day. Then it was on to 60-meters my favourite band, G0TRB was the first reply with many other stations soon after. Feeling pleased with the activation I packed all away ready for my descent. Then a chap came up to me and asked, “ are you sota “ in a broad Scottish accent. He was not a ham but had come across other stations on Scottish mountains. The walk down was uneventful to the car and to start the drive back home.
On the way home to stretch my legs I stopped off at G/SP-017. Again this hill is near the M6 and an easy walk to the summit. With the station set up my CQ was returned by G0RQL at 1647. Then another 13 QSO’s all on 60-meters qualified the hill for me. Back to the car and drove home arriving around 2030 hours.
A very satisfying day out with 12 points and 3 unique summits.
Thanks to all the chasers and the spots as always. Catch you on the next expedition.
73 Dave G0AOD