To our SOTA-friends in SV Greece-Corfoe


Especially for our Greek friends of course others can answer also!

I have looked at the Sota-website under summits SV or there Sota-places on CORFU … but unfortunately I have found nothing.
Or I am wrong …
Does someone have more information about this?

Efcharisto, kalimera


In reply to ON6DSL:

Hi Luc

Mount Pantokrator is the highest mountain on Corfu, and has the SOTA reference SV/IO-002. There may be others?

73 de Les, G3VQO

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Hello Les,

I had that not noticed. I see now, there is also SV/IO-003.
Hmmmm … think about it. SV/IO-002 together with SV/IO-003 … perhaps the come on my activation list during the summertime.
Sounds good, but a long callsign: SV8/ON6DSL/P
Mini thx fur info.


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Mount Pantokrator is the highest mountain on Corfu, and has the SOTA
reference SV/IO-002.

Ahh… I tried to ride a trail bike to the summit in my youth (clearly not SOTA) but got a rear puncture quite near the top. As I recall the track goes a long way up…

…and don’t try riding down it with a rear puncture trying to find someone with tyre levers and a tube for a Honda XL185… It was interesting! :slight_smile:

73 Marc G0AZS

In reply to ALL:

THX for all information.

At this moment, I dont know yet what I going to do.

Furthermore I will obtains information by the UBA (BELGIAN AMATEUR RADIO SOCIETY) how it goes in its work concerning customs authorities, plane, transportation of TxRx, antennae, slab’s e.c.t for that distant country Greece SV8-land. It is the intention working on HF 40+20 m bands with the Alinco DX70.

Perhaps I can get in touch with DJ5KZ (SV8/DJ5KZ/P) ==== ==> ok ??? because he has already been there on Summit SV/IO-002 Pantokrator - 911 m date: 20 Jun 2007 and SV/IO-003 Psarudi - 463 m on 15 Jun 2007.


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We, I and my Xyl, have chosen for another location, namely Crete. SV9-land.

Therefore no activatie from Corfu SV8-land …


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hello all!

till the end of April there will be online on database many new summits for Crete, Ionian, Agean, and Evia regions.

For Crete we allready have ready 51 new summits. If you want to preview them you can download the file from the files section of Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos ( There is also a KMZ file for google earth inside. Ionian islands due their geology has not too much summits. There will be 4 of them on Corfu island. To the other side for Aegean Islands we allready compile 62 summits , about 1-2 per island!

All four regions will be online till the end of April.

have a good time there

73, Panos, SV1COX

In reply to SV1COX:

Jassas Panos,

That is splendid news !!!

I look forward again (for the second time) to visit Greece Creta SV9-land. In 2007 we have been for the first time in Crete and this for celebration of 25 years marriage. Our holiday-base was in the village CHERSSONISSOS, Hotel Meltemi Village. It was nicely and splendidly there, … for this reason we have chosen again for Crete. This year 2008 (august) we going on holiday to the village CHANIA, Hotel Vantaris.

Firstly, I must get more information on how it goes correctly in its functioning of taking with me the TxRx, antennae, slabs etc… on the plane. Than also what with customs authorities, license, Greece-QRG’s, Power output, car-rent, etc… ect…
I hope to obtain all information as soon as possible so i can make more plans for this holiday. Of course we will examine then the Greece Crete SOTA-link.

Hope to find some summits in the neighbourhood which we (me and my Xyl) can walking or climb up.

Efcharisto, kalimera


In reply to ON6DSL:

Hi Luc

maybe a detailed email there: (look the page for email address ) will be informative and helpful.

If you stay on Chania and you like hiking dont miss the Samaria Gorge, its a classic. But its better to arrange spend a night to Ag.Rumeli after the walk than to return to Chania. Its 18km and if you have to catch the last boat from Ag.Rumeli at 4 pm you will not enjoy it (trust me…). Avoid the travel agencies, just ask your hotel receptionist to arange you a nigth on Ag.Rumeli and take a cab to the Samaria’s Gorge entrance (35km to the entrance from Chania, 5 euro fee to enter the path, drinking water every 2km all the way).

As for SOTA operating, i have good results (3-5 QSO’s per hour) with elecraft CW KX-1 TX/RX (20-40m, ant tuner included), the budistik antenna on a photo tripod and Li-Po batteries like them we use on small remote controlled helicopters (20C, 11.1V, 1800-2000mah).

Such a setup is less than 2Kg with a very thin and light profile witch can go in your lagguages with no problem at all (better ask for the batteries).

Perhaps someone can borrow you a KX-1 or with Euro-Dollar rate these days you can afford for one (buddistik is a must and i think now are the days to get one).

That’s for now, i wish you the “best summer ever” this year and i will be glad to hear tha you also manage to do some SOTA operation.

best regards
Panos, SV1COX