You logged your contacts made 2nd April as activator instead of chaser…

73 Norby

Thanks for the notice - I just recently advised Erwin how to use ADIF to CSV converter, so this looks like a begginner import mistake. Forwarded to the Slovak SOTA forum.

73 Marek

In reply to LX1NO:
Thank Norby for info and sorry for upload to activator database.NW QSO is deleted.
Please visit very nice summit Tatra Mountains here:

In reply to OM7PY:

Thanks for sharing the panoramic fotos of the Tatra Mountains, really impressive! I hope to visit one day…

73 Heinz, OE5EEP

sorry for bringing this old thread up again … but i just now found out that OM7PY still has uploaded a lot of chaser-logs to his activator-log. here are the logs from 2015:

well actually it would not be much of a problem as he doesn’t get the activator points … but in the “summit information” it looks like as if OM7PY had activated all of these summits:

so, if OM7PY reads this … please check your logfile, delete the activator logs and upload them to the chaser-logs!! thank you

73 martin, OE5REO


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