To HB9AGO from F5AKL

Hi Hannes,
I don’t know your e-mail adress.
In my Chaser log, I don’t see the little star (*) near the 10 points about our following QSO:
DL/HB9AGO/P, 13/02/08, 09:35, 7 MHz CW, DM/BW-570 Neuhewen.
In your Activator log, I’ve seen this QSO, but with F5ACL, not AKL.
I think it’s a typing error.
Few after, 09:45, you have F8UFT I was the operator.
So, I thank you in advance to correct this mistake.
See you later with pleasure on, or from for me, another summit.
73 QRO Hannes,
Andy F5AKL