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dear Phil, many thanks for your help today!
We planed another tour, but we had to change it, because we were not able to cross a creek (to much water from the melting glaciers), so we decided to climb the Kuhscheibe, which also was really nice, but I had no SOTA ref!
Anyway, we did enjoy the tour and the beautiful view … and I enjoyed the only contact with you! (3 pictures specially for you).

Thanks again and hope to meet you soon again!
Jürg / HB9BAB

In reply to HB9BAB:
Great pics Jürg. I spotted you on the off chance that someone may have found a reference for the summit. The summit search didn’t pick anything up. It seems I copied the summit name OK in the difficult condx, although I cannot check for sure as my spot was removed as it was not the correct reference, just one which could be used for the purpose of the query.

There is still plenty of snow on Kuhscheibe and there was plenty of activity today on SOTA - I couldn’t get any of my work done, it ws non stop until late afternoon!

73 Phil

In reply to G4OBK:

Your spot has not been removed Phil.


In reply to M1EYP:
Thanks Tom.