To Andy, the new database manager

Hello Andy,

I suppose you are very busy now with your new job in database.
Daniel F5SQA sent me a question, but I think we had already a discussion about this little problem.

1/ You know that when uploading QSOs in the database, they have to be in chronological order, otherwise an error occurs,(that is why I added a sorting procedure in ADI2SOTA)

2/ When a summit has been activated by 2 (or more) hams for the first time, the data base don’t care about the time, so the ‘first’ activator is often not the good one.

3/ It seems (according to Daniel) that the ‘Chaser Log’ in database also doesn’t care about the time, so the QSOs are not in the same order than in his own log.

Not very important but some suggestions to improve the database…

Good luck and thanks in advance for your work

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to F6ENO:

Hi Alain,

Thanks for the note.

These are known issues, and are on the “to-do” list that Gary has passed over to Andy. Obviously, there is much handover and training work to be done first, but we hope to complete these fixes on the Database at some point, if not immediately.

73, Tom M1EYP

In reply to F6ENO:

I do remember these discussions Alain. I’ve been very busy these last few weeks but I have finally been able to arrange to have a face to face meeting with Gary in a few days time as we start the handover process. This is not so easy as we live about 250 miles apart.

I don’t intend to fix things like this for some time yet as I want to understand what we have first. I feel the most important task at the moment is to be able to maintain what we have and keep it working. At some point in the future I’ll be requesting users to submit their list of bugs or improvements so that I can maintain a list of them and possibly ask people to vote on which feature/bug they want addressing first. These little annoyances are exactly the type of thing I’d like to try to work on later. But as I said, learning how the whole system fits together is my priority.

Andy, M0FMF
(Currently /P in IO83)

In reply to MM0FMF:

I feel the most important task at the moment is to be able to maintain what > we have and keep it working.

Of course Andy, this is very wisely.

73 Alain