TNX to chasers for pile-ups

I would like to thank all the chasers for great pile-ups on 40m in CW I very enjoyed today. I felt like I was activating one of the rare DXCC for a half hour :slight_smile: Wow! Guys, you literally blew up my tiny TRX with your signals. Next time I’ll probably try operating in split mode…

I apologize for many “AS” and imperfect signs today I had some problems with my new handmade paddles I purchased a week ago. I even wasn’t sure if I could activate the third summit after the paddles refused to key “DIT” but “DAH”. In addition, my antenna was blown away by a strong wind while keying on Heimgarten DL/EW-021 :slight_smile:

Thanks for your patience and bestowing me with these pile-ups I so love.

73 de Dzianis DD1LD

In reply to DD1LD:

Thank you very much, Luk! You gave me 1 new Summit in the morning when I was at home, and another new one (S2S) when I was out /P (G/WB-022) in the afternoon.

Glad you enjoyed the pile-ups! I’m looking forward to hearing you again soon from some more new summits!

Walt (G3NYY)