Tnx everyone for nice qsos fer my Lapland tour

I visit on 8 summits and get many nice qsos for new and nice old one’s … sometimes weather was very difficult, i must stop keying like oh/SL-009 but tnx anyway … and my daughter OH3TIA also tnx …
73’s Jari OH3KRH


Thanks for the contact with Tia on OH/SL-009, Jari. She seemed to be operating very confidently and spoke very clear and easy to understand English. If she’s interested, she would make a very good contest operator. But the main thing is it has to be fun.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Oh yes Tia
Thanks for reminding me

Apologies if cut short did start to work her on one summit and the QSB kicked in and I lost her. But she sounds very god operator and sounds like she is enjoying it too.

May be next time

Karl M3FEH

And for everybody … Tia OH3Tia is only 12 years old girl so she have hole future … hi

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