Just worked TM10SOTA on 14 CW - op Andre / F5UKL on the summit of F/PO-295.
Few minutes later I have worked TM10SOTA on 7 RTTY. The op wont give his REF NR, he said
Hmmm. Was it a SOTA stn at all?
TNX 73 Viktor HA5LV

Hi Victor,

The special call TM10SOTA will be activated from various locations, sometimes on summits, but not always. If no SOTA ref is given then the station is not on a summit.

See below from this months SOTA News:

TM10SOTA Special call for 10th Anniversay of SOTA France

On the occasion of the tenth anniversary of SOTA France, the call TM10SOTA will be activated by the team SOTA-FRANCE (15 operators).

The periods of activity are planned Weekend of April and July. Stations will not be inevitably in mobile on a summit and activate at the same time in different modes or on several bands.
There will be no qsl paper, the confirmation of the contact will be made via eQsl and LOTW. information:

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

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Got the answer, thank you Mark.
Good luck to you and to the TM10SOTA team.
73 Viktor HA5LV

Hi Viktor,
Yes it was absolutly correct station.
As it is said, we celebrate the 10th year of French SOTA.
For this, we operate from various point in France from activator station or also from chaser station.
Today, RTTY was operated from F5OCL.
Tomorrow, it will be also possible to contact in PSK, ATV, JT65 from F/CR-176 from 07:30 to 12:00

Happy birthday !

Happy birthday to the French SOTA.
I’ll be looking for further TM10SOTA QSOs.
73 Viktor

…and, hopefully, the activators and chasers using the special call will be logging their SOTA contacts in the SOTA database, too?

Hello Rick and others friend,

Yes operators will upload their respective log into the Sota database.
I manage all the logs for and (one is still missing).
For Lotw i am waiting for the arrl answer.

If someone get a problem, i shall be ready to help.

By the way, yesterday (sunday the 9th) TM10SOTA has been activated from
2 different summit in the same time but on different band.
F/PO-295 and F/AM-541. As we had set alert, i guess it was a bit dissapointed for chasers.

The lesson is for the next time just set an alert without the full reference (F/xx-xxx).

73 Gerald F6HBI

Mostly just confusing, especially once RBNHole got in on the spots. :wink: I think it makes the usually sensible assumption that an operator can only be in one place and on one frequency at a time, and its job is to report changes of frequency. With two operators using the same call at the same time on different bands, I guess it thought there was a lot of frequency hopping going on. :wink: Luckily it has some limits on how often it can send spots… :wink:

It would be more disappointing for chasers if some of the calls being spotted were not actually from activators on summits. I suppose that might be avoided if, perhaps, activators always used /P with the special call, and non-activators never did, but that would, of course, also depend on the conditions applied to the callsign.

All that said, a bit of confusion and uncertainty helps keep chasers on their toes. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yes Rick, it is a bit confusing for chasers:

For know i noticed few mistakes (wrong REF) in the following log:
YO8SSB at 08:11 (F/PO-265 instead of F/PO-295)
F5UBH at 09:00 (F/AM-541 instead of F/PO-295)
G4OBK at 09:33 (F/AM-541 instead of F/PO-295)
SO9EWA at 09:42 (has uploaded each REF! so one is good, one is bad)
HB9BIN/P at 12:46 (F/AM-541 instead of F/PO-295)

73 from Gerald

It has some subtler logic than that but it certainly can’t handle two people in different summits at the same time gracefully. Please use RBNN in the comments of the alert to disable RBN spotting if you do that again. Probably fairer for chasers that way.

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