TK SOTA tour

I planned a TK SOTA tour between 03/05/2015 and 18/05/2015. Everything will depend on the weather report but I planned to activate more than 10 summits. The first one will be TK / TK-135 Punta di Gulfidoni. I do not know the possibilities of the access to internet but I shall stain to inform you about the reference of the sota of the next day. Not determined schedules thus are attuned and thank you in advance to spot me.
Best 73
Andre f5ukl

Hi Andre, thanks for info’.
What bands/modes?
Best wishes.

Hmmm thinks this year might be better idea :smile: 2015
Look forwards to catching you on air, this year :slight_smile:


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You should bring with you 2 and 6 meters.
QSO will be easy because between us only sea …
I’ll looking for you, QRV with my VX8G.
73 Roger

André’s timetable:

1 - Punta di Gulfidoni - TK/TK-135
2 - Cime du Zuccarello - TK/TK-104 + FFF-1515 - Crêtes de Teghime-Poggio d’Oletta
3 - Monte San Angelo - TK/TK-082
4 - Monte Negrine TK/TK-088
5 - Punta Paglia - TK/TK-051
6 - Punta Muro - TK/TK-048 + FFF-1409 - Forêts Territoriales de Rospa Sorba
7 - Punta Alta - TK/TK-036 + FFF-1258 – Aiguilles de Bavella
8 - Punta di a Vaca Morta - TK/TK-065 + FFF-242 - Forêt de l’Ospedale
9 - Monte San Petru - TK/TK-058
10 - Punta san Sisto - TK/TK-111
11 - L’Incinosa Ou Chieragella - TK/TK-053
12 - Monte Ravu - TK/TK-125

Hi! Mike
I’ll work with the KX3 from 10m to 40m cw/ssb depending the propagation.
I have no idea about network then look at clusters.
Best 73 and I hope that we’ll meet.

Hello Karl
Sorry about the wrong year. Of course, I mean 2015.
Best 73 and I hope that we’ll meet.

Hi Roger
Yes, I’ll carry with me the TH-D72 and I hope that we can hear each other.
But not everyday because when the battery is empty it takes a long time charging.
Best 73 and I hope that we’ll meet.

Was funny when I saw it.
Thought I was the only one does silly things on here :slight_smile:
Certainly will be listening out on air for you during your tour.
May the Propagation and weather gods be kind.