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Is this new or have I simply missed it before, I have just come across the little icon and comment on the title of a summit on the summits page - here is an example:

This would be great it we were able to add a symbol for disabled hams accessible summits - perhaps a wheelchair icon? I have been adding a text comment on summits I have found that are easy access.
73 Ed.

UPDATE: The disabled access (wheelchair) feature is already THERE!

Thanks to whoever did this work.
Are all allowed to add these symbols - I have a couple of other additions that would be “nice to have” - Restaurant, Church & Public toilet symbols would be very useful - all of which apply to DL/AM-001

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It was part of the latest SD3 update - summit tags.

Eventually I will add sorting and searching by tags


Hi Andrew,
Okay, I have found the update panel by simply clicking in the title:

Do you have the ability to add a Public Toilet, a Restaurant and perhaps an “interesting building” to this list as that could take care of a Church, Chapel, Castle, Castle ruins, Lookout Tower etc. in one option?
73 Ed.

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Hi Ed, not working here ! It’s available to all summit…
Tried on F/CR summits but not working :pensive:
Can you show were you click pse ?
73, F5JKK

You need to add an external link or an article to add/edit the summit tags:

73 Martin, OE5REO


Thanks Martin :wink: so far to the “title:rofl:

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If there is already a summit tag then you can click on the symbol(s) and the list opens … but then your changes will not be saved (don’t know if that is wanted or a bug?).


merci Martin

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