Tinto SS064 busy...MM3MXW

Tinto was a struggle got up there late due to a full and iced up car park and missing a shoe lace for my boots(!) Had to go back home. Trudging up the track took me an extra 20mins plus because of deep snow. The cold made me forget to call on 144.300 after making some contest QSO’s, thanks to those who found me on about .285. Best was G2BOF in London and the other regulars who give me a call. MM3MXW was acive on FM with a very sensible beach shelter while I was behind a snow drift.

Ian MM3MXW…If you read this. I never saw you coming down with a torch? Good thing the moon was up. It was -13C at the car! I assume you had a headtorch and hope you arnt still up there clutching your SOTA beam… good to meet you.

In reply to GM4GUF:

I had a good look for you Robert, but couldn’t find you. G8GXP was on 144.286MHz here at 59++, so presumably covered your signals. Pity, I could have done with the 4 points to bag SS in my VHF/UHF records. It will most likely have to wait until 2010.

73, Gerald

In reply to G4OIG:

Hi Gerald, sorry to miss you. The band was quite busy with lots of fairly weak signals and nasty QSB. I was over an hour late getting on which wouldnt have helped.
I hope to be on for the SOTA VHF day if the wind speed isnt too high, hope to hear you from somewhere.