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Just be patient !!!

I didn’t think it was necessary for an activator to have uploaded a log for a chaser to claim an award. Am I missing something (apart, of course, from those nice little “confirmed” stars…)?

73, Rick M0LEP

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Dr SOTA-Friends
I do very much agree with OM7SM!
73 de HB9BIN, Jürg

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Rick is correct!

I really dislike the chore of entering my activations and chases into the database, it has to wait until I have psyched myself up for the job, but in the end the job is done!


Brian G8ADD

Some of the utilities knocking around and made available by G0LGS and others can be quite useful in speeding up this process. Personally, I just gathered an understanding of how these things worked and how ADIF files compare to CSV files, then developed my own system of creating a log in MS Excel (the quickest data entry I have found for activations and chases, mainly because of “FILL DOWN” and AutoComplete), then tailoring it for both Logger32 (my home logger) and the SOTA Database for upload.

Result is I can manage all my SOTA activation logs going into my master logbook and the Database very quickly, even when I have made lots of contacts! I tend to do several activations worth a total of around 300 QSOs at a time.

For 10 or 15 QSOs or less in an activation, I’d still say the manual entry method on the Database is as quick as anything, so for most, this is more than acceptable. I wonder what the mean number of QSOs per activation is? And what it has been for each year, or for each association, for each band, for each mode?

Talking of mode, if you found the mode number of QSOs per activation as opposed to the arithmetic mean, I wouldn’t mind betting the answer would be 4!


Hi Tom,
you may try lm-software: LM contestsoftware .
It is freeware specifically designed to allow post-contest typing of handwritten logs and to deal with all kinds of formats. But when you start to create a log (=choosing one of the given contest-names) you can choose “DX-pedition” which makes typing the log extremely easy (drop-down menues for date, band and mode - to use only when changing something, otherwise most entries prefilled). Export as adif ready for adif2sota.
Worth a try, IMHO.
73, Chris