Time to reband W6?

According to this post (California's Drought Is So Bad, Its Mountains Rose Half an Inch) it might be necessary to take a closer look at W6. The mountains apparently rose by ~15mm over the last 18 months - time for re-banding?


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Ha! At this rate, it will take 30,487 yrs to add another 1000 ft. of elevation.

Eric, Elliott: We will all have to track this…

73, Guy/n7un

That is as bad as my paper about 45 years ago (actually somewhere in the Oxford library of publications) demonstrating that because of failure to take into account Einstein’s theory of relativity, geo-chronologists had an inaccuracy of something like 1hr 29mins in 100 million years in comparing dating samples from the equator with those at the poles. The funny thing is that though I wrote that in jest for a student magazine long before satellites, we now know from measurements made by satellites that time discrepancies like that are true.

Yes, but you have to take into account continental drift. In 100 million years a continent can move halfway around the globe…

Brian G8ADD