Thüringen bergdiplom

Thanks to Dan/DH8DX for all his efforts in putting the DM/TH:s on the air. I just received my “Thüringen bergdiplom” for working 25 of them. The award is free and is really goodlooking. More information is available from DH8DX I´m sure.

In reply to SM1TDE:
Yep, I do confirm : superb photograph for this diploma, many thanks Dan DH8DX for sending to me also !

Vy 73 de Chris F8DZY.

In reply to DH8DX:

Thankyou Dan, its a great award scheme and a lovely Diploma
i was very proud to receive it.

73 de Geoff G4CPA.

In reply to DH8DX:

Hi Dan,

Received mine today, and very nice it is to. Like G4CPA I think it is a really good award scheme and I am sure you will get lots of interest. I look forward to getting to the next stage (slowly with my current poor CW skills).

Regards, Mike G4BLH