Thunderstorm stops play

After a total washout of a morning, it started looking brighter this afternoon so I headed out to my local (ish) summit of Gun G/SP-013. I`d heard a bit of sporadic E on 10m in the shack so I gave that band a try. Conditions were ok with a few UK stations & 1 Italian worked. There was lots of static crashes on the band so when I looked South I saw the mother of all storms. Keeping an eye on the storm I did 40m/80m before the feeling of static electricity on my forehead forced a hasty shut down. Sorry if anyone was looking for me on 80m.
Time from last contact, packing up and driving the 14 miles home was 45 min. The roads were flooded and covered in debris.
41 contacts:-
10m - 12
40m - 20
80m - 9
Thanks to all callers - Steve G1INK.

Safety first Steve.

I could only hear you on 80m but with much difficulty


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Hi Steve - glad you made it home safely !
Pleased to work you on 40m again from here only 51, but you were 59+ on 80m before the storm cut things short and I could just about hear you on 10m when you were working the Italian station who was 59++ here !

See you on the next one !

73 Graham G3OHC

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thanks for another nice contact Steve.
Good to know you´re safe back home!

Vy73 es cu in Friedrichshafen
Fritz dl4fdm,hb9csa

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I would also say thank you for the qso before the thunderstorm.

bye, joerg

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Not funny are they Steve? I was on NW-019 watching a monster storm move off to the west and made the decision to carry on to NW-001. Three quarters of the way up, the storm turned round and came back and was now underneath me! Not nice. A rapid ascent was in order to find what shelter there was by the old cafe. The storm disappeared as fast as it appeared leaving me with a lovely pleasant few hours on NW-008.



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Thanks for the contacts I did make, it was a pity about the wx as I had taken 3 x 7AH slabs for a long activation. There`s always next time hi.