Thunder Knob, WA - Late afternoon hike & activation W7W/WH-208

Late afternoon/early evening hike and activation at Thunder Knob in Washington. Summit is located along the North Cascade Highway, and near Diablo Lake.

Enjoyed the 3.8 mile, and almost 700 feet gain hike… This is a challenging summit in that you are surrounded by summits 5,000+ feet higher with no cell service, but was able to get four 20m SSB contacts in about an hour. First time hiking back mostly in the dark, and needing to use my headlamp. Want to look for a headlamp with good beam, and stronger spread…although I don’t like hiking alone in the dark. (-: I used the KX2 radio at 10 watts with a PackTenna 20m end-fed, and in the future I would probably use a linked dipole to get a bit more wire in the air.

73, James WA7JNJ

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